Teen Agers :: I Hate It :: Anchorless Records


I have been listening to this album in my car for the last two weeks straight. It is gritty and raw yet catchy and beautiful. Imagine 90s indie/alternative meets punk with a dash of pop punk. This is an album that will capture teenagers and convert them to independent music. The mixture of raw honesty and then restless dissatisfaction will just simply capture the listener. The music captures the restless dissatisfied energy of being a punk kid while the lyrics comment on how it feels to be a not so young punk with a mundane job.


French Exit :: Guts & Black Stuff :: It’s Alive Records

Man, these guys in French Exit are awesome. You know people who are just so genuinely nice that you want good things to happen for them, well that is how I feel about these guys. Also, they kinda deserve those good things because their music is pretty solid.

Totally Slow :: Wasted Days :: Self Aware Records

Totally Slow’s Wasted Days is 90s depressed indie pop mixed with early punk snottyness. Each track has an undeniable amount of hooks while always being filtered through a steady dose of distortion. Through out all these tracks there is a gritty energy that makes it feel contemporary to the pre grunge punk/alternative/indie hybrid music that was being created before grunge took over the world.


Ex Friends :: Rules For Making Up Words :: Paper + Plastick


Rules For Making Up Words by Ex Friends is a fast paced hooky punk rock explosion, with a  gruff edge. It is the solid classic punk sound that we have come to expect from Ex Friends. The robust vocals and pounding  music it will get you up and moving. Every sing one of these tracks has an underlying element of dissatisfaction and urgency that will get you riled up. That said, there are a few slower tracks on this album that somehow feel totally natural. Maybe it's because that though they are a bit slower they are still full layered tracks that address issues like police brutality or maybe it is because they just fucking rock.


Less Than Jake :: See The Light :: Fat Wreck Chords

I know it doesn’t come across so much in my writing on CC2K (because I never review albums I don’t like or am even lukewarm on) but I am way more cynical when it comes to old bands. Honestly, when a band that I have listened to for years releases an album, I hold my breath and cringe. More often than not, I am disappointed; usually they are trying too hard to capture a sound that used to be organic, which is totally heartbreaking. Or their sound has changed so drastically that I am not into them anymore, which though is a bummer, is cool because they are growing and doing what they want artistically.


braidedveins :: Future / Forever :: SYG Records


Through every listen of this Future/Forever I tried to nail down a way to describe braidedveins to you. Though they have thrashy music and screaming vocals, they are not a hardcore band, though there are moments of throbbing bass and relentless drums they are not a metal band, though they embrace the atmosphere created by distortion, they are not an alternative band. They have created their own sound that is simply something to let wash over you.

Title Fight :: Spring Songs EP :: Revelation Records


Title Fight’s Spring Songs EP is one of the most interesting albums I heard in 2013. Though only four tracks, it marks such a growth and change for the band. Title Fight has taken an old school approach to this record, it was recorded on 2” analog tape, and I swear you can hear the difference and depth to each track because of it. Each of these tracks sounds different than the others, in this EP Title Fight embraced their diverse tastes and influences and explored the limitlessness of their sound. To add to all this, this EP is the band’s first release on the legendary Revelation Records.


LODRO :: If Life Was Like A Movie :: Tracer Sounds

LODRO’s If Life Was Like A Movie release is the inaugural release for both the band and Tracer Sounds records. LODRO describes themselves as “neo noir punk”, and I’m not sure how punk I think that they are, but noir is spot fucking on.  This 2 track EP is a trippy, groovy, seductive, indie creation.

Entropy :: Out of Spite :: Say-10 Records

Out of Spite is a 10 song 7”, with only half of the tracks breaking the 1 minute mark. This format is perfect for these songs. They are fast, thrashy, and full of energy. There is no fluff, there is no filler, just old school punk rock, back from before punk and hardcore were two different subgenres.

In the immortal words of Kyle Broflovski, it's hard to be a Jew on Christmas. Starting from early November until Spring, I am bombarded with every possible form of media related to this holiday. I was trying to get some shopping done before heading home for Thanksgiving, and the muzak in the store was already playing A Very Beiber Christmas. Gone are the banner days of Adam Sandler and his epic ballads about the Festival of Lights. How am I, as a Member of the Tribe, meant to celebrate the rich heritage that is Chanukah?

With comedian/singer/song writer Rachel Bloom, of course.