Pkew Pkew Pkew :: Self Titled :: Royal Mountain Records

Pkew Pkew Pkew’s self titled album had me from the first seconds. It kicks off with a sing along section over some solid pop punk. Okay, I’m sold.

Burst One’s Side :: Tight :: Knives Out records


I really love when international bands and labels reach out to me, and I get a quick glimpse into other scenes in other countries. Burst One’s Side hails from a Paris suburb that I only imagine is like the suburbs of NYC that are just bubbling with a bit of unrest and a ton of creativity.  

Restorations :: Club Cafe :: Pittsburgh PA


I always have a weird debate with myself when it comes to the timing of a review or article about a live show. By the time that I see the show or write about it, a good chunk of shows on that tour have passed, and it only benefits you, if you happen to be in a city that they hit on the rest of the tour. Sometimes I feel like I am rubbing it in, that I got to see them and you didn’t.

The Falcon :: Gather up the Chaps :: Red Scare

I know that I am late to this game, I heard the name The Facon for years, but somehow I managed to never listen to anything until this album. I suppose I am a jerk or just an unfortunate soul who missed out.  

The Living Means :: The Downside

The Living Means struck me immediately. Not only are they damned good, their sound is totally unique. You may be able to pull out a few influences--  early grunge, pop punk, maybe even some metal. Yet they never really sound like any of them. They are heavy, dirty, deep, and sometimes menacing. They make you want to be in a dark club with sweat beading on the walls.

Can’t Swim :: Death Deserves a Name :: Pure Noise Records


Cant’s Swim’s Death Deserves a Name is a tour de force. It is creepy and infectious and slightly sensual. It is aggressive and delicate. It is polished and messy. It is full of attitude dashed with slight melody. It fucking love it.

Rentiers :: Amateur Hour :: Death to False Hope Records

So Joel has done it again, the newest Rentiers record has all the tongue in cheek humor and high level references that we have come to love and expect, all put to an unforgettable beat. I know that with every Rentiers record I am going to be simultaneously be put in a great mood and challenged to explore the layers of each song.

Violent Soho :: WACO :: SideOneDummy

I was a fan of Violent Soho’s Hungry Ghost when SideOneDummy released it last year, so I was super curious to see the WACO LP in my inbox. With this full length Violent Soho show off their maturity. This record is more polished, more intentional than Hungry Ghost. Where Hungry Ghost derived a lot of it’s power from it’s rawness, WACO attacks you in moved that are totally choreographed and refined.

Uberyou :: Frontiers :: Say-10 Records

Überyou is a punk band from Zürich, Switzerland, who just released their 7”, Frontiers, on the awesome Say-10 Records. I have been listening to these four tracks over and over trying to figure out just want I want to tell you about them.

RadioHearts :: Tell You :: No Front Teeth (Vinyl) and FDH (digital)


I have written about RadioHearts a few times now, and their latest EP, Tell You is another step in their awesome progression. I love that with each EP that they release, they define a sound. The tracks flow together to create a vibe, and atmosphere, a feeling.