Sometimes our subconscious can scare the hell out of us, but not for the reasons we expect. Let me explain:

For April Fools Week, Anastasia Salter takes on one of the all-time sleaziest reality shows: Paradise Hotel 2

Big Ross checks in and piles on to talk about this odd duck of a comic book television series.

Do you remember that seen in Airplane! where the woman passenger goes into some mild hysterics, and a flight attendant tries to get her to come to her senses by shaking and slapping her? And then a man interrupts for a turn, and then the doctor, and then the nun, and the camera pans to show a line of people with comically ever-increasingly extreme responses like a wrench, a baseball bat, and a gun, all waiting for their turn? I’m here to talk (complain) about Gotham, and I know I’m going to be that 4th or 5th person in line, ready to beat the dead horse that is the discussion, “Gotham is really terrible”. Just for fun, I’m going to do it by way of a list, which are all the rage these days. Let’s begin.

CC2K's Tony Lazlo shares some wild thoughts about the revival of Twin Peaks.

CC2K Editor (and Twin Peaks maniac) Tony Lazlo shares some of his predictions for the new season of David Lynch's classic show.

It's another overlong Tony Lazlo screed, everybody! This time I turn my jaundiced eye on season five of The Wire, using that much-maligned season as the entryway to a larger discussion about the series as a whole.

I first watched The Wire, David Simon’s seminal portrait of the city of Baltimore in five acts, a few years ago. I recently plowed through the series again, this time with the foreknowledge that its final season was generally regarded as its weakest. When I first watched the show, I remembered admiring the newsroom scenes, and especially the performance of Clark Johnson as the Sun’s city editor. So did my rewatch confirm or disconfirm the inferiority of season five?

Sadly, it confirmed it.

Orange is the New Black is like a pirate broadcast from a happier, matriarchal universe where women dominate the airwaves, and we just happened to get one of their prison dramas.

Season two wasn't perfect, and that’s OK. This show doesn’t need a handicap. It’s not the kind of show where we have to wave away great swaths of imperfection (LOST) or the kind of great show where we have to overlook one (or more) weak performances (January Jones on Mad Men). Nope, this show is mostly fantastic from bow to stern. Let me try to break down why:

I never knew the moon landing happened at night.


CC2K's Mark Hurley casts a jaundiced eye on the greatest Christmas specials from his youth.

There’s some spoiler action here, kids.