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10 Things We Want to See in Upcoming Seasons of Daredevil

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

Three cheers for the Marvel/Netflix joint series Daredevil. Here are 10 things we hope to see in the future on the show.

SPOILER WARNING! Obviously if we will be talking about things we want to see in future seasons of Daredevil (and we will), we’ll be talking about what has already happened in the first season. So go watch that first (trust me, it’s excellent), and then come back and read this.


The Marvel/Netflix joint series is utterly fantastic. I binge-watched it over the first weekend, and now I’m chomping at the bit for more (I’m sure you are too). As we wait, let’s run down 10 things we hope to see in future seasons (which don’t include cameos and/or crossovers with the other superheroes we know will be getting their own Netflix series and likely to star in the “Defenders miniseries” (which include Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones)).


10) Matt & Karen dating

All indications point to the Netflix series following the Daredevil comics, and if that is the case then Matt Murdock and Karen Page are as doomed as any romantic couple in the Whedonverse. But before they can be torn asunder, they have to get together. One of the things I liked about season 1 was that Matt & Karen didn’t get together, and yet there was never a “will they, won’t they?” vibe. As much as I love Deborah Ann Wohl, especially as Karen Page, and as much as I dread her ultimate fate, I’m dying to see Matt & Karen’s relationship progress.

09) More of Wilson & Vanessa

Season 1 ends with Daredevil victorious, Fisk in prison and being brought up on racketeering charges (among others), and Vanessa escaping the authorities (accepting Fisk’s proposal and seemingly taking charge of his finances and empire). While Fisk will no doubt escape from prison (or slither his way out of charges), I’d love to see Vanessa in charge of Fisk’s criminal empire, perhaps pursuing revenge on Daredevil and/or Nelson & Murdock for their roles in putting Fisk away. I want to see Wilson and Vanessa married and, eventually, Fisk once again in charge and embracing the moniker of “the Kingpin of Crime”.

08) More of Matt & Foggy in the courtroom

We got to see a little of Nelson and Murdock practicing law throughout season 1, but their lack of clients was a running joke up until the finale. While I have no desire for Daredevil to turn into Law & Order I do hope to see Matt & Foggy representing honest clients and winning cases for the underdog. Hopefully Foggy will get as much of a chance to shine as Matt’s super senses.

07) More of Claire Temple (as Night Nurse?)

Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple was one of many highlights of this first season. Only because I recently read the Doctor Strange limited series The Oath (which is excellent BTW) I know about Night Nurse. She’s had several incarnations over the years, but in The Oath she operates a clinic where she patches up superheroes and tends to the various injuries they suffer fighting the bad guys. Claire certainly seems to be playing that role for Daredevil, and while she’s a different character in the comics, I’d love to see her more fully morphed into Night Nurse. Then she could show up on some of the other series too! More Rosario Dawson is always a good thing.

06) What happened to Madame Gao?

There is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Madame Gao, a Chinese crime lord and partner of Fisk. This tiny, elderly, seemingly frail woman kicks the crap out of Daredevil, displaying some martial arts of her own and a deceptive amount of strength. She is the only member of Fisk’s criminal inner circle to actually escape, and when she does she remarks that she is going home. Owlsley asks, “back to China?”, to which Gao says something to the effect that her home is much more remote than that place. I’ve seen speculation online that Gao is actually a mystical character and foe of Iron Fist. Whoever she is, I definitely want to see more of her.

05) Leland Owlsley Jr.

I don’t know much about Leland Owlsley from the comics, other than he’s an older B (or C?) list villain and nemesis of Daredevil with an owl theme. He’s been enjoying something of a renaissance in the current run by Waid and Samnee (also excellent BTW). In the show he is a crooked Wall St investment banker type who serves as Fisk’s accountant. He has no affinity for owls that I remember, and while he is killed before the season’s end, he does make several references to having a son. I think it could be great to bring his son into the show in a future season as the more deranged Owlsley of the comics, hellbent on revenge for the murder of his father.

04) More of Stick and the “upcoming war” and The Hand

We only got to spend time with Stick for a single episode, but what an episode it was! The Immortal Iron Fist is certainly a more mystical/magical character than DD, but Matt has had his run-ins with the magical realm of the Marvel universe. Stick referenced an “upcoming war” that he wants Matt to help him fight. Nobu, another crime lord and partner of Fisk, appeared to represent the yakuza (Japanese mafia), but many are speculating (and it is hinted at) that he actually is a member of The Hand, which in the comics are an order of evil mystical ninjas at odds with The Chaste, an order of good mystical samurai (of which Stick is a member). Regardless, Stick came to New York to stop Nobu from acquiring an ultimate weapon called “Black Sky,” which turned out to be a seemingly innocent child. Stick insisted the “thing” chained up in a storage container was no kid. Stick put an arrow through Black Sky’s heart off-camera, and we never learn what it actually was. I’d love to learn more about Black Sky and see more of Stick and his war against The Hand, not to mention that mysterious man Stick reported to at the end of the episode.

03) Punisher (as a villain/adversary)

Marvel recently reacquired rights to the character of The Punisher. After two disappointing outings at the box office, it remains to be seen just how Marvel will introduce Frank Castle and use him in the MCU. He is a very dark, violent character who doesn’t quite seem to mesh with the lighter fare of the movies. Also, he’s also always been more of a street level character. Funny story, Marvel just debuted a rather dark and violent series featuring a street-level hero. Punisher seems like a perfect fit; however I think Castle should be introduced as a bad guy.

The Punisher has no limits. That line that so many heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil won’t cross doesn’t exist for Frank Castle. Death is a fitting (and maybe the only) punishment for criminals. That would immediately put him at odds with Daredevil. I’d love to see Punisher introduced as an extreme vigilante who crosses paths with Daredevil, putting them into conflict. Who knows? Maybe it could lead to his own series?

02) Elektra

In the comics Elektra is a college love-interest of Matt Murdock turned ninja assassin. Or maybe she was a ninja all along? I admit, I know little about her. But the prospect of a Catwoman/Batman dynamic for Daredevil is intriguing, and I’ll say it again. NINJA. ASSASSIN. And she’s already been alluded to. In the episode “Nelson v. Murdock” during a flashback to their days in law school Foggy asks Matt about a Greek girl he was dating, to which Matt replies “It didn’t work out”. Elektra is Greek and very likely who Matt and Foggy were referring to. It would be awesome to bring her into the show and watch the resulting conflict that ensues, not to mention another opportunity to rectify atone for the sins of the Daredevil movie, and Elektra.

01) Bullseye

Bullseye is one of Daredevil’s greatest villains. He is, perhaps even more than Kingpin, Daredevil’s archnemesis. He is the Joker to Daredevil’s Batman. Bullseye and Daredevil have fought time and again, and almost no one, perhaps with the exception of Kingpin, has inflicted more pain, grief, and misery on Matt Murdock than anyone else. It’s only a matter of time until Bullseye is hired to kill Matt Murdock/Daredevil. I can’t wait to see him brought into the Netflix series, to once again rectify the crazy-ass performance given by Colin Farrell in the Daredevil movie.