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A Random, Spoiler-Filled Biggest Loser Update

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageI don't know how many Biggest Loser fans we have reading this site, but I spotted something interesting at the 24-Hour Fitness in Hollywood tonight.


Three of the Biggest Loser contestants (that I saw) pulled up in a white van labeled "BL5." They came into the gym dressed to work out. I didn't spot them inside after that.

I've written the rest of this story in inviso-text, so select the text below to read it. Again,  SPOILER ALERT!

I saw:

• Ali from the pink team.
• Brittany from the blue team.
• Maggie from the purple team.

So far on the show, only Ali has been eliminated. Might this be a sneak-preview of who's going down next?

Or does the pink team get a reprieve?