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A Reasonable and Well-Mannered Open Letter to Justin Fischer

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

Last week, Justin Fischer of Gamasutra wrote an articled titled Touch That and I’ll Kill You: The Power of Loss Aversion. In the piece, Justin asserts that our human tendency to value loss over gain explains some of the barbaric trends in the gamer community. While this is most often seen in the crude practice of “DLC-Shaming,” it is an all-too-common trend in our community. 

Here, with a well-thought-out and reasoned response, is a person.

*Satire to follow. Viewer discretion is advised

Dear Justin, a.k.a. F***ing N00B,

I don’t need any of your pseudo science, you epic manifestation of lugubrious waste (thank you, “Humans experience losses more intensely than gains.” Of course, you plebeian. Humanity is a species of winners. Do you think we could have defeated the dinosaurs or bested the monkeys with the attitude your pushing? No! This would be a planet of hippie lizards burning us for fuel. Is that what you want, Jus-stinks?

In your agonizingly paced article (TL;DR–amiright), you use systematic observation, anecdotal evidence and the establishment of a hypothesis, as though that somehow equates to science. Since the rest of the leptons at Gamasutra apparently follow your thinking lock and step, allow me to play Che Gueverra and introduce a little revolution on your ass. 

I too have studied the gaming industry, often sacrificing the baser needs of my body in pursuit of a better understanding. What follows is a blow-for-blow rebuttal to your stupid word-spray. Prepare yourself, Justin. I’m about to level two-barrels of knowledge straight into your face-hole.