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Album Review :: Anchors :: Lost At The Bottom Of The World

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

AnchorsAnchors :: Lost At The Bottom Of The World out now on Creator-Destructor Records

Lost At The Bottom Of The World is one of the best melodic punk records that I have heard in years. It is full of furry and energy that does not let up for one second, in fact, it builds as the record progresses. It has so much energy that it will instigate you to create a pit in your living room by yourself if you have to. You simply have to move as you listen to these tracks.

First off, the music throughout the record is super hard, fast, kick ass punk rock, with the occasional metal influenced riff and vocals that are equally as fast but also have these great moments of harmony. Most tracks have this great melodic punk quality, but Safety First, ThenTeamwork stands out because of its hardcore influence. My favorite tracks on the album are the last two – Coastlines is even more melodic than the rest of the album, and the ending, where the vocals fade away underneath feedback is beautiful. New Limit is a much more multi-dimensional track and every single element of it is amazing. Moments of layered vocals, the chorus behind main vocals, breakdowns, music dropouts, then melody, everything here adds up to make this track feel like the most personal track on the album.

I really enjoyed this album, more and more each time I listened to it. I would definitely recommend this album if you are a fan of the second half of Strung Out’s Twisted By Design.