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Album Review :: Bad Daddies :: Negative Fun 2014 Singles Club 7″

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Bad Daddies :: Negative Fun 2014 Singles Club 7″ :: Negative Fun Records

When I was growing up in punk rock I never understood why people went crazy for this one female fronted hardcore band. It wasn’t the fact that I really wasn’t into hardcore at the time, it was that I didn’t get what made her so special. I honestly have no solid memory of the merits of the band, but I feel like no one really cared anyway, the craze was simply because she was a chick (and a hot one at that) in the boys club. Anyway, I didn’t get what the big deal was, and I still kind of don’t, I was always a you should not be judged based on your gender sort of person. But, recently I have strated to see the side of all those bands who made a statement around being a woman, So, in the vein of Bikini Kill and the whole Riot Grrrl movement, suppose there is something to be said and gained from asserting yourself as a woman, especially in a mostly boys club. And I will be psyched when the day comes when gender lines don’t matter anymore. And the way Bad Daddies thrash, I feel like we may be at that point.


Bad Daddies is a female fronted hardcore punk band from the East Bay, who may have possibly put out one of the best records of 2014. This 7inch is so raw and untouched by current music trends that it just exudes an honesty that is hard to come by. I am not sure which of these four tracks is my favorite, You Ain’t Right is straight forward hardcore with a ton of feeling and some fantastic feedback. Teenage Hell is weird, in a fucking awesome way, it just kind of fucks with you a bit as it accosts you. I Don’t is fantastic thrash punk and Head on a Rail is bursting with attitude. Though this 7inch is only 4 tracks and six and a half minutes, it will affect you – The reverb and the distortion and the passion will get you riled up, it will inspire you, and if you are not careful, it will spit you out.