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Album Review :: Boilerman :: Doing Great

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Boilerman :: Doing Great :: 86’d Records


Boilerman is a low key type of band. They are not flashy or boisterous, they are a bunch full of regular dudes playing music for like minded people. This 7”, Doing Great, is three songs (two originals and one cover) that lay themselves for us without any pretense.


The first song, Doing Great, it has a great punk/garage rock vibe with a hint of pop and a hint of indie. The hook is buried under guitar distortion and mumbled vocals, but it does make its way into your subconscious.  Which creates a song that is equally aggressive as it is catchy.


We’re the Worst is a punk rock track through and through. It is fast and raw, with snarling vocals falling over one another (and it clocks in under 1:15). I love the sounds and feel of this track, reminds me of early Rancid.


Their cover of The Factory by Warren Zevon is killer. The Factory is a pretty damned great song to begin with and I love when punk bands cover classic rock songs. This cover is full of energy and aggression, bringing out different nuances than the original folk/classic rock version. Great choice of a cover and for the end of the 7” (and would be a killer end to their live shows).


What appealed to me most about Doing Great is the rawness of all these songs, they feel so personal and genuine.

You can stream the whole 7” over at 86’d Records site.