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Album Review :: Build Us Airplanes :: At the End of the Day

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Build Us Airplanes :: At The End Of The Day


Build Us Airplanes’ At The End Of The Day is a super interesting record. The sound is unique and the collection of music is very eclectic. Most of the vocals lean to the more traditional crooning style while this music is much more raw, it creates a really powerful, beautiful, unexpected sound.



It starts off with The Running Song which itself starts off with dirty, heavy, gritty music and these deep vocals that already contradict one another. It then progresses into a slower track with cool sections of dual vocals that contrast each other in an unexpected way. Folding Up has a garage band indie vibe and The Road Home has killer distorted music and a cool hint of menace in the vocals. Salt in the Wounds is commanded by the vocals, which are this intense loud whisper and there is a cool deliberate punctuated end to each of the lines. Stand Alone has a cool attitude, a cool indie sound, and great screaming sections. Your Disguise has a bit of chaos and a bit of melody and Old Sparks has a new wave feel to it. The last track, Strings is a bit slow but you will tap your foot – the drums control this one. 

At The End Of The Day is such an interesting album because you end up in a sonically totally different place than where you began, yet you were taken there so expertly and subtly that you didn’t notice the journey.