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Album Review :: Dad Punchers :: Dad Punchers

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

image005Okay, is it weird that I am surprised that I am reviewing this album? Though I like to think that I have diverse musical taste, especially when it comes to the albums that I review. That said, I was sure that this album was good, but I am surprised with how much I personally liked this album. Anyway, with a name like Dad Punchers I was expecting something much heavier that the alternative indie that I got.

The album opens up with Tire Swing, a slow track, that has a great hollow sounding vocals that grab you and pull you in. You are afraid that you might miss something in the nuance of the tone if you don’t listen super carefully. E. Coli is hands down my favorite track on the album. It is super catchy with so many great hooky moments that I totally played over and over.

The vocals and music progress through the album from the quietness in Tire Swing, to the chaotic music and belting vocals in Backstock, to the straining in Self-Loathing the album comes full circle. Throughout the album there are sonic highs and lows, yet every track is tinged with a bit of nostalgia.

 Dad Punchers Self Titled album is out now on Sea Legs