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Album Review :: Dikembe / Hightide Hotel / Jet Set Sail / Monument :: Split

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor


coverDikembe / Hightide Hotel / Jet Set Sail / Monument :: Split out now on Count Your Lucky Stars

I sat on this release for a while. Something in me couldn’t find the words to talk about it, even though I listened to it a million times. It wasn’t until I took each track by itself that the words started flowing and I could not stop writing. Most of it was broken sentence fragments filled with excited profanity, but once I started I couldn’t stop. These tracks are emo/punk/indie hybrids that will get you moving.

Since this album is only four tracks, let’s go one by one. Dikembe, Donuts in a Six Speed is an emo/indie hybrid that takes command of your experience listening to it and kind of shakes you off with an abrupt ending. My favorite part of the track is the second in the middle where the music is stripped down and this haunting strained voice crawls inside. 

Hightide Hotel, Built to Last has slow heavy beats inter-spliced with these sections where the music all but drops out that are super catchy. There are even some pretty rock and roll music moments with emo vocal style. The lyrics are simple yet beautiful and are able to connect because they are so identifiable, “and both my knees are weak / and I’m still standing”.

Jet Set Sail, Strickland North, is my favorite track on this split (and one of my most favorite tracks of the year so far). I have listened to it over and over and over again, finding some new nuance on each listen. The intro is a pairing of mellow poppy indie chords for almost a minute, then this grungy/dirty riffs come in and out before they totally take over and launch into the lyrics. The lyrics are sparse, but you will be singing along by the time you get to the breakdown. And it is such a fucking awesome catchy breakdown, it is the moment where the pit is screaming along with their hands in the air hitting every beat. This song is about how this music makes us feel – and it is a bit frustrated and angry (In the best way possible).

Monument, Sophisticated Liars is more of an indie rock track. It is the most upbeat track on the split and it is full of “whoa’s”. It will instantly put you in a good mood and make you get on your feet and dance.