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Album Review :: Direct Effect :: Sunburn

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Direct Effect :: Sunburn :: Tiny Engines


I have always had a strange relationship with hardcore. I love hardcore shows, the energy of the pit is unmatched and the music really does dominate everyone in the room. Yet, I was never a hardcore kid. A song here and there would make it on to a mix tape, yet they were never the records or tapes that I would put on first when I was at home or in my car (I guess if I was in my car I should be saying cds).


With that said, I have been listening to Direct Effect’s Sunburn for like a week straight, I think the people in my office are becoming familiar with it by this point by just walking by my desk. The whole album is a high energy affront on you complacency (maybe that is why I feel so compelled to listen to while sitting at my desk). It not only urges you, but demands you get up and fucking move. The vocals are gravely and screamy and passionate and the music is frantic and powerful. Solar Flare is my favorite track because of the awesome distortion, but I did hit repeat at the end of the album at least once a listen.

This is the style of hardcore I grew up with, hard and heavy yet not growling and brooding. Hardcore that riles you up and gets you moving . It makes you want to mosh and dance and sweat in the pit.