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Album Review :: Entropy :: All Work, No Plagiarism

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Entropy :: All Work, No Plagiarism :: Say-10 Records


I have wrote about Entropy before, and this review is more of the same. All Work, No Plagiarism is loud, fast, aggressive, full of piss and vinegar. They have this old school sound from back when hardcore was just a type of punk, not its own separate genre.



I have tried to highlight certain tracks, but I keep tripping over myself. They all add to the album, to the energy, to the sound. Every track has super robust aggressive music, killer vocals that fluctuate between singing, screaming, growling, and melodic – all at the right times.


The songs are short bursts that are just made for the pit. Only one of them passes the 2 minute mark, with quite a few not even getting to 1 minute. Energy thrown out into the crowd stirring everyone into a frenzy. I have been listening to this album all day, head phones in, at my desk at my day job. I cannot help moving, my head, my foot, my whole damned body. My co-workers clearly believe that I was possessed. They make you want to move, to thrash, to tear shit up.


I could do without the last ska track, but the rest of the album is so damned fantastic, that it is totally forgiven.