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Album Review :: Entropy :: Out of Spite

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Entropy :: Out of Spite :: Say-10 Records

Out of Spite is a 10 song 7”, with only half of the tracks breaking the 1 minute mark. This format is perfect for these songs. They are fast, thrashy, and full of energy. There is no fluff, there is no filler, just old school punk rock, back from before punk and hardcore were two different subgenres.

I have been playing this album in my car, with the windows down so it can assault everyone on the sidewalks. It reminds me of those days when I was still discovering punk bands like Fugazi and Kid Dynamite and the feeling of release and freedom that those bands created. This is the sound and the attitude that made me fall in love with punk and I am sure that these guys can convert a whole new generation.

I am not sure what song is my favorite, this whole album is about how it makes me feel, which is young, hopeful, and full of the fury to change my world. The vocals are angry yet fun and the music never lets up. It reminds me of the early to mid AFI and the direction that you they would have taken (remember when they were still a hardcore or punk band for that matter).

The only thing better than this record has to be their live show, because these tracks are begging for an audience to scream the lyrics back at them.

I wish there was more of this type of music, but then I guess it wouldn’t be this awesome when I found something like this.