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Album Review :: Know Secrets :: Know Secrets EP

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Know Secrets :: Know Secrets EP

This EP was tracked on 2” tape and (not to sound like a super nerd here) you can hear and feel it. That tactile feeling translated into the subtext of these tracks.  They feel full and layered and almost as if they have a mass.



The EP is kinda gritty, kinda dirty, and kinda smooth. It has a great 90s vibe to it. These songs fall somewhere between indie, grunge, alternative, garage, punk, and rock. They are raw and distorted and melodic. Though out the whole EP it is the vocals that really grabbed me, they were almost hypnotic. There is something really exciting simmering in these tracks and it is going to boil, soon.

It kicks off with Know Secrets, a distorted track with some killer yelling sections and just as many moments that will grab you and have you singing along. See You Go is gruff and bass-y and will have you tapping your foot before you realize it. Hidden has a great grunge vibe to it, like the raw grunge vibe that was heavy, bass ridden, punky, and menacing- you know, before it went mainstream. Closing Windows is aggressive, the vocals and guitar will accost you and demand a reaction. There is an urgency to this track that will transfer so well into the pit. The distortion in this track is also pretty killer it gives the song another layer of voice. New Mexican Sunset keeps with the vibe of the record, but buried underneath the distortion is a great melody.