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Album Review :: Living Room :: Moonchaser

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Living Room :: Moonchaser :: Jetsam-Flotsam  – To be released on August 19th


Okay, so, Living Room’s sound is not my typical style, but Moonchaser accosted and grabbed me immediately. Every single track on Moonchaser is robust, layered, raw, and honest – all those elements make up a special album. Living Room made me sit up straight by forcing me note of the art of the music and pure emotion that was poured out in each of these songs. It feels intensely personal, it is pure emotion, layered out in three minute(ish) bursts.



I spent some time trying to put my finger on Living Room’s sound, asking myself if they were really emo? But, can emo have guitars that aggressive? Or indie? Naw, it was a bit too fast and aggressive for that. Or alternative? It doesn’t really fit into that constraint either. They have the grittiness that is usually associated with garage alternative, the vocals that are usually associated with emo, the music that is usually associates with indie, and the attitude and energy that is usually associate with punk. These guys have created a very beautiful hybrid that is taking no prisoners. For some reason this feels like a winter album to me. Something to be listened to when you are wearing layers and the world outside is frozen under piles of snow.


There are so many great tracks on this Moonchaser, and really each one builds on those before it, as the album just keeps on becoming more and more intense. The songs that really stood out to me were Out Of Love because of the great contrast of sections with stripped down music and quite vocals to the sections that are thrashy and screamy. Feet of Snow has just the right amount of distortion to feel natural and About Time is super gritty and hard and slightly distraught.Magnetic Service begins etheral and haunting before it transitions into despair, it has a progression of sound, feeling, and emotion.

Really, what this whole review can be boiled down to, is that they make you feel this deep inside you by connecting with something visceral. Listen to it a few times, over and over, and let it completely overtake you. You will feel spent but relaxed and free.