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Album Review :: Louder Than Bombs :: What Resonates

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

cover 2Louder Than Bombs’
What Resonates grabbed me immediately. It was the perfect balance of punk and hardcore elements that make an album irresistible. The heavy music paired with the potent voice make the listener feel something immediately, and I am a sucker for music that affects me on a level that I am not in control of.

I think that my favorite track on this record is Banish. Its heavy beats and almost screams contain so much suppressed passion that it becomes more powerful than if the vocals let go. “You’ve stunned me with you audacity / I’ve been banished, set adrift / wandered off and left my head behind.”

I say that I think that Banish is my favorite track because depending on my mood I sometimes chose What Resonates or As Skin Goes. What Resonates is a more melodic track, that is packed with just as much passion as Banish (hell, this whole album is packed with that passion).  As Skin Goes strikes a balance between hardcore and melodic elements to create a super unique track that will get stuck in your head.

Other tracks to take note of are, Belong, a classic hardcore punk track and Tense a more upbeat track with gruff vocals. Okay now that I have mentioned more than half the album, really I should just say that every track on What Resonates is really fucking good. (Also, I have a soft spot for bands that incorporate words like malady and audacity.)

Louder Than Bombs’ What Resonates will be released this Tuesday (April 23rd) on South/Division.