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Album Review :: Moovalya

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Moovalya :: Sixer EP

If you have been reading this column for a while, you have heard about Moovalya before. They are a young punk band from Phoenix who are starting to make a name for themselves in punk rock. Sixer is a 6 track EP that is a mix of unreleased material and rerecording of some tracks they felt didn’t get the proper recording.



I really love Moovaly’s sound, energy, and attitude. Every track is fun, high energy, and full of piss and vinegar. They have the snottyness that was prevalent in early 90s Rancid and just enough hooks. Their lyrics are very youthful. They are full of unrest, dissatisfaction, self-discovery, and absolutes that only the young can embody. Anyone who grew up in the punk scene (and even those who didn’t) can identify about the time in your life that you felt any one of the emotions exemplified in these songs.

The stand out track on this album is Streetlight Streetlife. It is fast and furious and almost exhausting. There is enough thrashing to drive a pit and enough hooks to have them screaming along.

Moovalya has grown so much since their last release, their music and vocals are tight and I look forward to see how their lyrics will mature as they do.