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Album Review :: Nobody, Ever :: Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Nobody-Ever---Everyone-StoNobody, Ever :: Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road 

Everyone Stood By the Side of the Road is the debut EP by Nobody, Ever. Which is surprising to me because these tracks are mature and full of wisdom. Not, that one can’t get those traits from life, but they seem to be engrained within the band.

Overall the record has an indie feel to it with the slightest emo nuances. The EP kicks off with On a July Sunday, which has passionate scratchy vocals and killer soft backing vocals. Snap To Zero Weather has an awesome a capella intro and these small moments of strained, almost screamed vocals. Not So Good, Al is twangy and catchy. Everyone, Always is a more energized than the previous tracks, it is passionate and yelly, until the fantastic deconstructed ending where the voice gets distinct and the music gets sparse. And they gently leave you with your thoughts and emotions.

Along with their mature sound, there is a timeless quality to this album. It could have been recorded ten or fifteen years ago and have been just as relevant as it is today and will remain in the future. Everyone Stood by the Side of the Road is available on bandcamp as a name your own price download.