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Album Review :: Nobody, Ever :: This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam and His Mates

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Nobody, Ever :: This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates

I am pleased to bring you a review of another Nobody, Ever EP. A few months ago I had the privilege of reviewing, Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road for CC2K and it totally blew me away. Their second EP, This Wall Is Dedicated to Liam And His Mates continues right where Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road left off.

The EP is full of the scratchy vocals and raw indie style that we fell in love with on Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road, yet it has become more layered. Not many bands can create, let alone pull off, a raw indie style with a hint of folk and gritty passion seeping through each chord.

Your Heart’s Already Left and The Last Good Thing Left are remarkably upbeat tracks considering their lyrical content is heavy. Delete This is the most stripped down track yet has the catchiest hook on the whole album, it almost cradles you and make you feel safe. There is also a great breakdown section where the vocals sound distant and the guitar subtly strums along. Room 505 has a great screaming section and We Sang “So Long…” perfectly captures the feeling of nostalgia for a younger simpler time. From the simple yet spot on lyrics to the layers vocals it achieves the perfect balance of respect and distance.  “And I guess it’s time well spent, mixing memories with drinks  / and sometimes it’s like stories never end  / I did the right thing when I left, and I’d do it all again  / But tonight it couldn’t hurt us to pretend  / …And we could just sing “So Long” once again.”

The lyrics on this album are apt, introspective, and identifiable. Lost loves, blame, trying for something that we know is already lost – these are all emotions that we have beat ourselves up over. On This Wall Is Dedicated to Liam And His Mates, they become anthems of pain and redemption.  A few highlight are, in Your Heart’s Already Left ,“Once in a while / I’ll say something that makes you love me less  / And I’ll wish I could take it back / So I will try, / To find a way to keep you in my life  / When your heart’s already left”  and my personal favorite lyric of the whole album  “Some nights I love you / Some nights I hurt to hear you cry.” Delete This, “This cigarette / Falls on my chest / And burns a hole  / Til there’s nothing left “ and  “All the bad things that you’ve done / Fell away in the moment you were gone / All the times that we should have spent / I’ll keep them with the words I should have said.” There is pure poetry in these songs.

This is an EP that gets better with each play, so play the hell out of it.