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Album Review :: RadioHearts :: Tell You

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

RadioHearts :: Tell You :: No Front Teeth (Vinyl) and FDH (digital)


I have written about RadioHearts a few times now, and their latest EP, Tell You is another step in their awesome progression. I love that with each EP that they release, they define a sound. The tracks flow together to create a vibe, and atmosphere, a feeling.

Tell You is sexy and alluring, in a messy, raw kind of way. The album feels vintage and modern at the same time and the guitars are nasty in the best sense of the word. Every track is catchy and hooky yet they never abandoned that garage gruff sound if the music, that makes is sound so accessible. With every listen I feel like I am in on a band that is on the cusp of spring over and making it big.