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Album Review :: ​The Falcon :: Gather up the Chaps

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

The Falcon :: Gather up the Chaps :: Red Scare

I know that I am late to this game, I heard the name The Facon for years, but somehow I managed to never listen to anything until this album. I suppose I am a jerk or just an unfortunate soul who missed out.  


Full of stellar musicians whose other bands we have all heard of (this line up consists of Brendan Kelly and Neil Hennessy of  Lawrence Arms, Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio, and Dave Hause of, well, you can pick one). The Falcon is better than most of them, yet never, not once takes themselves too seriously, or seriously at all for that matter. These songs are fun, full of energy, totally made for a pit, all with a self aware sense of humor and with a voice that can take a serious tone at any moment.


Every track has a different sound and a different feel, making Gather Up the Chaps feel like one killer mix tape or comp.Some are thrashy, some are acoustic, some are rock, some are brooding, they really cover the gamut over the course of the album. It starts off with The Trash, which may be my favorite track on the entire album, it is screamy and melodic at all the right spots. But then there is The Skeleton Dance with great snotty vocals and The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole that is just all chaotic and melodic. Sailor’s Grave is gravely, deep, salty, and as hooky as any sea shanty. By the end of the album I will swear my favorite track is Glue Factory, which is aggressive and stripped down at the same time. The lyrics are dark and clever and you just feel different after listening to it. “Take me to the glue factory where the horses go / for their very last dog and pony show”. Fuck…how do I even say anything after that…


I missed their show the last time they played in Pittsburgh, I was still mentally recovering from the depressing mindfuck of a show I saw the night before. My friend was there, he said they were awesome.