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Album Review :: ViceVersa :: 000

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

ViceVersa :: 000

I was torn on this EP, I was really into half of it, liked a quarter of it, and skipped over the rest. But the half I was into was interesting enough to tell you all about. ViceVersa’s EP 000, is a psychedelic trip on the beach that takes you back to the 60s…or at least the sound of the 60s. Their music has groove and attitude so it somehow relaxes you as it riles you up.


 Love the Way and Get Down are the song that convinced me to review this. They have a cool trippy indie rock vibe with a voice that will not be ignored. Though, my favorite elements are the staccato guitar parts. Get Down has a tinny distorted vocals that. Soljia strikes me as out of place on this EP and the frankly I can do without it. Next One is a more alternative rock track, that had some of the elements of the early tracks, just with a bit more force behind it.