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Album Review :: Violent Soho :: Hungry Ghost

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Violent Soho :: Hungry Ghost :: Side One Dummy


Violent Soho is an Australian band who is carrying on the tradition of grunge/indie/alternative in their home country to sold out tours. We here in the states seem to just be hearing about them thanks to Side One Dummy. Their latest release, Hungry Ghost, is a furry filled record that will accost American fans.



Violent Soho shows such range on Hungry Ghost. The album starts off with Dope Calypso which progresses from ethereal and slightly creepy to edgy and indie with a great snotty gravely voice eventually devolves into layered vocal chaos. Lowbrow is gritty and distorted, Covered In Chrome just oozes attitude, Saramona Said is almost new wave, Okay Cathedral is slow and trippy. These tracks really run the gamut.


Hands down, my favorite track is In The Aisle. It is loud, fast, and thrashy with strained vocals. It is so raw and sweaty (yeah I swear this track sounds sweaty) that it evokes a visceral reaction. It is just so fucking good. 


Hungry Ghost comes out today, go check it out for yourself.