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Album Review :: Wolves at Bay :: I Was The Devil Once

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

image002I Was The Devil Once is the latest release by Wolves at Bay. As you would expect from an album titled I Was The Devil Once (What a great fucking title.), it is dark, deep, and brooding. The drum beats feel like the sticks will snap at any moment, the bass is so deep it almost growls, the guitars are full of menace, and the vocals are pulled from somewhere deep within.

This EP is only 6 tracks, but you really feel fulfilled by it. Hide Like My Friends kicks off the album establishing the mix of hardcore, metal, and bits of melody that will ebb and flow throughout the album.

The stand out tracks are – Know Why is a hardcore track with a pretty irresistible hook, layered vocals, and the chorus kinda urges you to sing along. Forget Who I Was is a passionate track with moments of almost crooning vocals, stops just short of becoming catchy. As you listen to the buildup of the chorus, you mentally get ready for the super hooky element to come in, but Wolves at Bay never let you have it. I Was The Devil Once somehow incorporates all the elements present on the rest of the record into a screaming hardcore menacingly beautiful track with a dark demonic vibe.

Wolves at Bay ‘s I Was The Devil Once will be out on April 16th on Animal Style Records.