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Album Review :: Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves :: Scars

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves :: Scars :: Wiretap Records

Scars by Woves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves is an album I liked as soon as I heard it, but that I love more each time I listen to it. It created a great balance of aggression, grit, gravelly vocals, and hooks. Great for getting a piit all riled up yet giving them something to sing along to.


Scars starts out with the title track, which encompases everything that is fantastic about this EP. It is a full track that can get a pit moving as they sing along, while offering some great lyrics, “I hate these scars / but they are all I have to remind me that I’m alive”. The second track, What I Bleed, is my favorite track. It still a hardcore track, but the hook, the hook is so damned good. You will have you singing along by the second verse, but it is never quite catchy or poppy or anything less than heartfelt. The lyrics, are straightforward, and connect deep inside every punk kid, “I‘ll never understand /  these games you play / or your part time dreams / left over from yesterday/ because this is all I’ve got / and it’s all I need / while you may just be passing through / this is what I bleed”. These lyrics, gain even more poignant when they music cuts back a bit and the vocals become more strained. The sincerity just bleeds through the speakers.

The next track, The Cross and the Switchblade, has a yet a different sound than either of the two previous songs. It is stripped down and almost an Americana sing along style. It is catchy and will get the whole room singing, yet doesn’t sound out of place with the songs that we have heard so far. This is the song that they should end sets with, it will wind the set down yet still have everyone singing along, hanging on every last word. “I hear the lost echoes / of ghosts on the radio / they’re singing soft and slow / nearer my god to thee /they seem to serenade / the cross and the switchblade /how heavy my heart is made / when they sing out of key”.


Scars ends with an acoustic version of Serpents from a previous album, it is passionate and stripped down with strained vocals, but I am not super familiar with how it sounded originally.


Like I said, this EP just kept getting better and better with every listen and I am itching to see them live. These tracks will take on even more when they are performed live and have a whole room singing and thrashing along. My only complaint? I wanted more than 4 songs.