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Album Reviews :: Direct Hit, Haverchucks, Seaway, Safe To Say, Glocca Morra, and Sick/Sea

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

all-6Direct Hit / Haverchucks :: Split out now on Bright and Barrow 

As I have come to expect from Bright and Barrow, this split is nothing short of the best time you will have all week. 

The split explodes from the moment you hit play. Direct Hit takes the first 2 tracks of the split and man, are they super fun. Track 1, Fallout Shelter Television, is super high energy sing along pop punk and track 2 is old school pop punk, you know along the lines of early screeching weasel, loud, fast, and gritty, with a catchiness that sneaks up on you. 

Tracks 3 and 4 are the Haverchucks (who can’t love a band named after a Freaks and Geeks character). These tracks are a bit grittier than Direct Hit, but equally as awesome. There is a rawer quality to Winding Down, but you will get it stuck in your head and (The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround is straight forward classic punk. 

Seaway / Safe To Say :: Split out on Mutant League Records 

Are you ready for a super awesome Canadian pop punk split? Well, wait no longer, Seaway and Safe To Say are here to fulfill your longings. 

The album kicks off with super catchy chords followed by super fun and energetic track from Seaway. Tracks 1-3 are Seaway and they all are packed with high energy music and pop punk vocals (and the tiniest hint of emo inflection). 

By simple deduction, that leaves tracks 4-6 to Safe to Say. These tracks have a bit harder undertone, but make no mistake, we are still talking pop punk here. These tracks are full of super fast drums, gritty guitars, and catchy choruses. My favorite track on the album belongs to these guys, Dead Birds is emotional and intense, and will be played on repeat. 

Glocca Morra :: An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World out on Kind of Like Records 

Glocca Morra’s An Obscure Moon Light An Obscure World is a bit distorted, a bit noise rock, a bit garage rock, and a ton of attitude. This raw recording is full of energy and dimension. Two best tracks are Kaspar Hauser Lied for the strained vocals and Deep Pocket for the super intense screamo sections. 

Sick/Sea :: Moral Compass out now on Autumn + Color Records 

Sick/Sea’s Moral Compass is an indie pop record with strong female vocals. The element that really captured me throughout the record was that Audrey Scott’s vocals are simultaneously soft and feminine while also being able to sing out and project. Also, these songs have hooks and melodies that are so super catchy they might end up driving those around you crazy as you will not be able to stop humming them. (Honestly my favorite element of this record is how Scott sings her R’s. Adore it.) 

Super solid, strong, and fun.