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Album Reviews :: OddCzar :: One Word

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

oddczarcoverThough not my typical genre, there was something that immediately grabbed me about OddCzar’sOddCzar’s One Word. It is a hardcore record that confronts the emotions of failed relationships head on. Through the strained screaming vocals, passionate anger envelopes the listener and reminds us of when relationships and betrayals incite that deep of a response in us.


Bud Brothers

 sets up a lyrical theme that recurs in subsequent tracks, “I’m not the me that I miss”. The idea that time and experience changes us.  One Word addresses it, “In our circumstance I’d rather live in the past tense, / because it’s the only time that I made sense“  and Russian Girls

 finally places the blame, “A piece of you has stayed in every bad decision I’ve made.“

Bud Brothers and Russian Girls are a draw for my favorite track on the album. In Bud Brothers the vocals are highlighted and the music styling is reminiscent of the great early hardcore heroes. Russian Girls just has a great cadence to the whole track and an abrupt ending to both the song and the album. I envision the singer, dripping with sweat, tired, and emotionally spent just throwing down the mic and all the instruments cut at that cue.

One Word is OddCzar’s full length debut and I, for one, am pretty excited to see what they release next. 

One Word is out now as a split reaslse on Bitter Melody Records / Self Aware Records.