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Album Reviews :: The Flatliners & Western Addiction

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

The Flatliners :: Resuscitation of the Year :: Fat Wreck Chords

The Flatliners 2 track, double A side (which I have issues with, but whatever, it’s a thing and people use that term) Resuscitation of the Year is one previously released track, Resuscitation of the Year and one new track, Fangs. This EP can be tagged, Intro to pop punk 101, it aggressive and catchy, it is full of energy, dissatisfaction, and screaming for change. It kicks off right out of the gate, and does not stop for 5 minutes.


The vocals are somewhere between yelling, singing, and pleading all in the same breath. It is raw and uninhibited, definitely a band to see live, they will throw it all out there if you will too – and everyone will leave exhausted.


Western Addiction :: I Am Not The Man I Thought I’d Be :: Fat Wreck Chords

This 7” is  a solid throwback to 80s hardcore.  I Am Not The Man I Thought I’d Be makes you sit up, pay attention, and take note of each song. They will not be background music.

The title track, I’m Not The Man I Thought I’d Be is a track that brings back the sound of the early Beastie Boys mixed with Youth Brigade with a bit of Black Flag thrown in. It is raw, screechy, and fully of furry. It is heavy hardcore music with a strained voice that almost becomes a spoken word piece.

Cold-Hearted Maceration and Clatter and Hiss are more of what we think of as traditional hardcore. Fast, thrashy music, gravely vocals, and a bad attitude. Though they are clearly hardcore tracks, there is a catchiness to them, a cadence that will have you moving to the beat.