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Album Reviews :: The Joy Of Painting, Campaign, Mavericks Punk, Authority Zero

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor


The-Joy-of-Painted-and-otheThe Joy of Painting :: Tender Age :: South Division Records

What struck me about The Joy of Painting’s album Tender Age, was that each track has its own sound and style. They did not feel the need to create a sound, instead they let each track be free to create the exact sound that was right for it. That feeling of freedom extended into the air around the record and fosters a sense of calmness around the listener.

The album opens up with High Definitions a super cool indie track with distortion and attitude. Easily my favorite track on the album. Dontchu Wanna is another indie track, that  is super catchy, and has a twangy guitar to show their Tennessee roots. Back to Romance is a poppier track with an undeniable groove underneath. Ghost quiets everything down and slows us to reflection, “If I put on your favorite record / would you come back?”. I’m Reelin’ is a funky poppy garagey hybrid track that may get you dancing in your seat. Good Mood has a swing beat and is kind of infectiously catchy. I Didn’t Think is a folky track that is every bit as catchy as the pop tracks.

Tender Age is a wonderfully eclectic album, worth a listen even if you think it isn’t your typical style. 




Campaign :: The Black Album :: No Break Records

The Black Album is a 4 song EP that hits the ground running and never stops. Walking the blurry line between hardcore, punk, and metal, this album is full of raw energy and rawer chords. This recording seems to capture exactly what the band sounds like in their garage and at their shows. From the gruff vocals and infectious “whoas” this band will force you to have a damned good time. 


Mavericks Punk :: One Day California :: MPCP Records

The Mavericks Punk are a small punk band from Rio who love 90s SoCal pop punk. They have channeled their influences (NOFX, Face to Face, The Ramones) to record their EP, One Day California. One Day California is 4 super upbeat fun in the sun style pop punk, a hint of an accent.

One Day California and Replay are the stronger tracks on the EP. One Day California is just pop punk goodness and the vocals in Replay are a bit deeper than the rest of the EP and it also has killer screaming backing vocals.

Really, they summarize their sound better than I can, “Since 2010, making you feel better!” The upbeat music and lyrics sung in unison, really do put you in a great mood. You can get One Day California on their bandcamp page.



Authority Zero :: The Tipping Point :: Hardline Entertainment 

Authority Zero’s The Tipping Point is an alternative punk rock hybrid that is infectious and fun. From the first track you will be tapping your foot and bobbing your head, wishing there was a pit nearby so you wouldn’t be dancing by yourself.

The Tipping Point is Authority Zero’s 5th studio album over their 18 year history as a band, and it sounds fresh and the energy never drops. 

There are so many great tracks on this album – No Other Place and Undivided are catchy punk alternative hybrids with great heavy drums that will get you singing along, Take Or Leave It has a simmering passion, and Life One Up and On the Brink are classic melodic punk tracks. Hands down, the best track on the album is For the Kids.  It is a bit deconstructed, starting out quite and frank before the super catchy music comes in. It is a rock and roll track that catches the spirit of being a punk rock kid “This one’s for the kids / For all those years you’ve left behind / For all the love and all the memories / Now clouded in our minds / This one’s for you”.