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Album Reviews :: Walk The Plank / Daycare Swindlers :: Among Giants

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Walk the Plank / Daycare Swindlers :: Split :: Say-10 Records

I had a totally weird reaction to this comp, like a “how the hell does this pairing feel so natural” type reaction. Not that Walk the Plank and Daycare Swindlers are dramatically different styles of punk rock, but they are also not very similar. Walk the Plank is stripped down hardcore that gets deeper and deeper until it is growling and Daycare Swindlers are all thrashy messy pop punk . Maybe the natural feeling comes from each of their straight forward styles and a bit of experimentation, there is no fluff, no cutesy tricks – just punk rock. Like it used to be, when it was a new genre.  

Limited pressing of 200 records on purple vinyl.


Among Giants :: Back and Forth ::  Jetsam-Flotsam  

I am not an emo fan, it was never a genre that I fell in love with, yet there are some bands that give it a fighting chance, Among Giants is one of then. This four track EP, Back and Forth has more personality than some albums. The tracks are slow, heavy, brooding, and the deep vocals add an additional layer. To pigeonhole their sound would be a mistake, they have created this mix of new wave, punk, hardcore, emo, and indie that has a sound and a feel that is totally unique. Art School is the stand out track on this EP, mainly because of the awesome background vocals/screams. The World Is Not My Friend does have a super cool breakdown style ending. What really makes this whole EP so great is the passion and heart that is under it all. The fervor that can come from being young and still figuring everything out. There is not much guttural screaming or yearning that we usually note as passion in w emo, but there is no doubt to the emotion and conviction of these songs.

It will be very cool to watch Among Giants grow and mature.