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Amazing Spider-Man Trailer plus July 20th, 2011 Reviews

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer leaked last night, Fox released their HD version today. It looks epic. Plus a review of Ultimate Fallout #2.

Woah. It’s SPIDER-MAN BEGINS! The SCARLET KNIGHT RISES! Whatever you call it (reboot), it looks amazing. I think Marc Webb’s 2nd film will be a huge success and another trilogy will come out of it. The only thing it seems to lack is Spidey being funny. But Marc Webb has gone on record saying he’s read the comic as a kid and knows what it takes to make Spidey our favorite wall crawler.


Ultimate Fallout #2

This book feels is weighing on me as only a means to sell more comics. You know those minis that come right after or during a big event? Issues like Fear itself: Hulk or something like that. A dribble of a story, that just follows the main narrative, not giving any more details to things you already read. That is what Ultimate Fallout is. It shouldn’t say Writer: Brian Bendis, It should say Plot: Bendis and give the three (original Ultimate artists  Hitch, Garbett,  and Hardman) artists the writing credit. I should retract that. It’s not as if the writing is bad, just that it’s pointless and relatively boring.

There are three short tales and one teaser: Aunt May (which follows up from UF#1), Thor, and Rogue (Mary Jane has a teaser). Aunt May is still the stand out character in this book. Bendis did do a good job of keeping her feelings real using a verbal assault against the superhero community with regards to her nephew. All very plausible and emotional. Thor’s tale was one of reflect and how he knew Spidey, Cyclops, Giant-Man, etc were all in Valhalla, where they are eating and being merry. Rogue is about being on the road, praying, yet knowing things are about to get worse. Mary-Jane has become the Lois Lane of the Ultimate Universe, she gets a splash page showing off her headline: How the World Killed Spider-Man.

All in all for $3.99 I got ripped off. The art work was decent, really nothing to write about. Bagley’s in the last issue was ten times better. Do yourself a favor and peruse the issue in your local comic store. Aunt May slapping Captain America is the only thing worth checking out.

1.5 out of 5.0