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Big Apple Comic-Con’11 Spring Edition Preview

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Wizard’s Big Apple Comic Con (spring)’11 is here and CC2K will be there. Kaare Andrews will be there and Marvel’s new Ultimate Comics will be discussed. Since not everyone can be in NYC, CC2K will keep you updated.



May 21-22 is Wizard Entertainments date for their Spring NY Comic Con’11. It’s not as big as their Fall convention which has Mark Millar, Adam West and Julia Jones as their highlighted attendees. However, the spring event does have Kaare Andrews and Neil Adams. I’ll be attending, so stay tuned to CC2K for interviews, Cosplay pictures, and Comic Con announcements.

We should also have an interview (it’s scheduled) with Mr. Kaare Andrews, who recently has been hired by Marvel to draw their new Ultimate Comics #1 issues. These beautiful covers are striking and really pop. Marvel released the artwork for these issues a few days ago. Two of the covers tease a new X-men team and a new Spider-man.

Ultimate Comics X-men #1 tells us so much about what’s happening at the end of DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN. The ripples of Peters life and the friends he has made have created a new X-men. Johnny, Bobby, and Kitty created a family in the past years of issues in Ultimate Spider-man, so this cover sparks a lot of questions. Is this the end of Loebs Ultimate X? The Wolverine on the cover is suppose to be Wolverine’s son from Ultimate X. There is no Jean Grey character, so i’m guessing Marvel is terminating Ult-X and starting fresh with this team. Which actually makes me happy. In the Ultimate Universe, mutants are still portrayed as evil. Having Johnny Storm (a non mutant) lead the way with close friends (especially after the lost of Peter Parker), there are a lot of stories here. A new team that couldn’t be done the 616 universe.


Ultimate Spider-Man‘s black suit is very S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform looking. Bendis has gone to say that this is not Peter Parker and it is not a new character under the mask.So the guessing game has begun, I’m going with evil Spidey clone. It would make Spider-man different and fun. Make him a rogue good guy, like Draken? Kaare’s artwork is so eye popping, that the cover alone makes you want to buy this book.




Ultimate Hawkeye and Ultimates seem like the same dribble, but Marvel promises a new feel (again) for the Ultimate Universe. We shall see. Hopefully CC2K learns a little bit more this weekend at the Spring BIG APPLE COMIC CON’11.