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Big Apple Comic-Con 2009, Part 1: Sight-Seeing

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

 ImageCC2K's GARY KENNY goes to Wizard World's BIG APPLE COMIC CON 09, where he talks to comic artists, fans, TV show hit-men, movie stars, and all sorts of wacky people.

This year's Big Apple Comic Con was funded by Wizard World. They did a magnificent job of running the event with professionalism and courtesy, which is hard to find in these tough times. Everyone who shared a part, the work staff, celebrities, artists, etc., contributed with smiles, generosity, and compassion. I never once felt overwhelmed or didn't belong like i have been at previous cons. The convention was held right next to the Henry Hudson Parkway on pier 94. I actually prefer the pier for events such as these, it's very specious and though there are crowds of people it never feels fully crowded, unlike the NY Comic-Con at the Jacob Javits Center.



As i made my way through each section of this years B.A.C.C., I witnessed people of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, dressed up as comic book and anime characters, science fiction heroes and various movie stars. Celebrities such as William Shatner , Linda Hamilton , and Thomas Jane . TV stars such as Adam West , Nichelle Nichols , and Lou Ferrigno. World Wrestling Entertainment stars such as Rick Flair, Molly Holly , Bushwackers, and the Iron Sheik. Sports stars Yogi Berra, Mia St. John , and "Smokin" Joe Frazier. Professional models from both sides of the spectrum ie: Brande Roderick , Tiffany Taylor , etc.

All these celebrities were overwhelming to meet and see in public. However, with this being a comic expo, the real treat was meeting the writers and creators such as Joe Madureira (read my interview with him in Comic Con part 2, coming later this week) Jim Lee, Adam Kubert, Billy Tan , Joe Quesada and most importantly Neal Adams! (read my piece about Neal Adams epic comic Green Lantern / Green Arrow ) I got some killer commissions and autographs.

So thank you again Wizard World for making this a great Big Apple Comic Convention, here are some pictures of what i saw:








Here's Adrianne Curry decked out as WONDERWOMAN for the 2009 Wizard World Big Apple Comic Convention. Over the weekend she also found time to dress up as SILK SPECTRE and SLAVE LEIA. I talked to Adrianne for a few minutes where she confessed that she's a big sci-fi nerd. She went around and got autographs from everyone there that was in STARWARS (Billy Dee Williams, Jeremy Bulloch ). She walked around the convention talking and taking pictures with everyone. She was very funny and very into the convention.  Adrianne is married to (Peter Brady) Christoper Knight. Though the convention wasn't really Chris Knight's scene, he was constantly smiling, which seemed to show that he was having a good time.  Here is a link to Adrianne's MYSPACE.