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Breaking News: Someone at NBC Thinks that People Still Want to see The Apprentice

Written by: Rob Van Winkle, CC2K Staff Writer

Source: IMDB

Image According to inside sources, filming has begun on the seventh season of NBC's "hit" reality show The Apprentice, with the twist that THIS time, the contestants are all "celebrities." While this reporter has not looked hard enough to verify whether or not any PR people have said anything about this show, it is a safe bet to assume that, had any said anything, it would be something in the vein of "this is the most exciting season ever!"

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For those of you who have forgotten this show ever existed, The Apprentice is a reality show featuring a slate of worthy businessmen and women, competing with each other for a chance to get a great job with Donald Trump's toupee. To do this, they must create ad campaigns and marketing strategies around real products, and then measure their success against their opponents.

For NBC, this show is an enormous advertising bonanza, where they are able to sell ad space for commercial breaks around content geared around products that paid to get placed in the program. For viewers however, the show plays like a bad public access commercial, where non-actors try to convince us that Crest's new Vanilla Mint Toothpaste is so great, even Mike Piazza likes it (and will use it in public for a mere twenty grand)!

This new season, for as long as it manages to stay on the air, will feature celebrities hiring lawyers to fight for ancillary rights on using their likenesses in pseudo-commercials. Promises to be a good time.