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Cast Taking Shape (And Flight) For JLA

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSources: AICN, ISEB

The cast is taking shape for George Miller’s upcoming Justice League movie. AICN is reporting that Australian supermodel Megan Gale has been cast as Wonder Woman, while IESB is reporting that a guy named – no bullshit – Armie Hammer has been cast as Batman.

Gale certainly looks the role – she’s a hot brunette – but whether she has the chops to pull off the role is anyone’s guess. A glance at her IMDb page reveals a slew of credits where she played herself or hosted shows, as well as a bit part in the acknowledged W.D. Richter classic Stealth, but that’s about it.

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IESB snarked on Hammer for playing models, and I must say that the prospect of two models being cast in these roles instills me with anticipatory cringe-dread.

Of course, a modest resume doesn’t mean anything. Maybe Gale is a firebrand. Maybe Hammer is a Method master. I certainly hope so, because if Miller’s movie hews close to some of the current mythology surrounding Wonder Woman’s character (for example), Gale better be ready to play the biggest fascist in the trio of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (more on that later).

On the good news side, IESB also reports that hip-hop artist Common will play Green Lantern. Awesome. I was super-impressed with Common in Smokin’ Aces, and I’m stoked to see him bring GL to life onscreen.

Oh, in case you were wondering, here's why Wonder Woman is the biggest fascist: Superman tries to lead by example (the idealistic fascist); Batman tries to spark change through guerrilla warfare and scare-tactics (the police state fascist); but Wonder Woman, as an amazon, fights evil by simply bringing military force to bear.