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CC2K 2013 Gaming Awards

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

Happy New Year! 2014 is here and it is bound to be epic. The PS4 and Xbox One are on the market and their retinue of games grows every week. This is the dawning of the Next Generation, and it all starts today.

It seems that every year is now the year in gaming, but 2013 was something special. Video Games have long been separating themselves from other forms of media, but the numbers grew exponentially in the past few months. So let’s take a look back for CC2K’s Best Games of 2013!

Best Independent Game

Papers, Please is a game unlike any other, taking the mundane task of border patrol and turning it into a thrilling gaming experience. What starts as a simple matter of identifying form errors becomes gut-wrenching as you make life-or-death decisions and control the fate of hapless refugees. Is the man in front of you nervous because he is fleeing death squads, or is he a terrorist plotting to kill your countrymen? Every time you let the wrong person through, your meager pay is docked, and you have a family of your own to support.

This is a game that makes you think long after you shut down the computer. You will be haunted by your decisions, questioning them to your dying day. Yeah, it’s that good.