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CC2K Comics Weekly Pull List For March 23, 2011

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Each week we build up our comic book pile. Some of us save our favorite titles for last while the others cannot wait to get their fix. Now that gas prices are at an all time high, our comic collections suffer. Let CC2K save you a few dollars, here is March 23rd, 2011’s under $20 dollars week in review.




Batman: The Dark Knight #2

Issue #2 of David Finch and Scott Wlliams new Batman book, gets down and dirty. It seems DC has allowed Bruce to get a tad more extreme. This issue has Bats breaking Penguin’s arms and legs, and Finch vividly illustrates each epic break. That’s not all; When you think Finch, you think larger then life monsters, and well Batman:TDK delivers: the Demon and a vicious looking Ragman.

Finch’s art is tremendous, amazing detail, he plays well with shadows, he’s on top of his game. Scott Williams is writing a fairly entertaining story. Bats childhood friend went missing, only to be discovered as having a double life of her own. Its not a bad story so far, but you’ll be picking this up for Finch’s artwork.

3.0 out of 5.0




Ultimate Spider-Man #156

This is it, DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN, and this issue has the Grim-Reaper and Spidey holding hands. Mark Bagley is back (thankfully) and Brian Bendis is pulling out all the stops. It starts just like a movie, Norman Osborn wakes up from his coma and almost instantly begins his assault on S.H.I.E.L.D. Doc Ock, Sandman, Kraven, Vulture, and Electro are all back. After escaping effortlessly from SHIELD what’s 1st on the sinister six’s plans? Not killing Spider-Man but killing Peter Parker.

This issue has Peter and MJ lovey dovey and his life actually going as planned. Captain America makes a cameo to train ol’ Webhead in a cemetery. A great scene written by Bendis. Especially Cap’s speech to Spidey:

“That’s why (I) we’re here. To teach you. To train you. Because there’s two ways to run into a building. Two ways to fight a maniac who won’t lie down. Two ways. One is smart and courageous, and one is immature and foolish. Because, we’re going to end up here eventually (cemetery). And it is your responsibility to make sure, and listen, this is the most important thing I can tell you. No matter what you…” *phone rings* “hold on.”

What a great scene. Puts a real mood on the issue. Peter never learns that one important thing and knowing Bendis it’s that exact reason why he’s dead come this June. And Mark, thank you for coming back for this, you’ve been missed.

4.0 out of 3.0


F.F. #1

It’s here and yes it could have been named Fantastic Four issue #589 but where it’s headed is somewhere totally new. F.F. stands for the Future Foundation and is it different from the 1st family’s 1st series, nope, however having Hickman and Epting on board keeps the series fresh and fantastic. In the Human Torches video living will, he asks the team to keep going and to give his place to Spidey. This issue basically sets the pace for whats to come and you basically see the first day on the job for Spider-Man (and his white yet coloring changing suit). Hickman is changing the FF for the better, he even brought back Reeds time traveling father Nathaniel. Nathaniel is constantly questioning Reed and the family, but not annoyingly but logically. “We don’t do dissenting opinions here? Reed just normally says something and everyone automatically agrees?” Hickman could actually make the 1st family actually seem like a family. All he had to do was kill one of them. GENIUS!

What really grabbed me was the ending. I won’t spoil it, however if in the Ultmate Universe they have Reed Richards turning from Good guy to Bad guy, why can’t they visa versa that with one of the Fantastic Fours’ baddest villains? For a first issue this is one of the most promising ones that i’ve read in quite some time.

4.0 out 3.0