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CC2K Comics Weekly Pull List For March 9th, 2011

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Each week we build up our comic book pile. Some of us save our favorite titles for last while the others cannot wait to get their fix. Now that gas prices are at an all time high, our comic collections suffer. Let CC2K save you a few dollars, here is March 9th, 2011’s under $20 dollars week in review.


Batman and Robin #21

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason (the amazing duo behind Green Lantern Corps) take over Grant Morrison’s epic run with a new villain, an anti-batman called the White Knight. The WK has been killing all the relatives of Batman’s famous villains. He’s a religious nut that dresses his prey as angels in order to give them salvation which lets these innocents ascend to heaven.

Gleason artwork is masterful; his use of shadow is perfect for a Batman comic. Tomasi’s Robin in perticular shows a coming of age for Damian, he’s shown to be a little more understanding and concerned with the White Knights villains. Tomasi and Gleason have created what seems to be an unique and remarkable story, i’m really excited to see where this one goes.

3.5 out of 5.0



Sarah Palin vs the World #1

Parody comics (just like the movies) can come off as trite and desperate for a laugh. Not to say SP vs the World isn’t; but to make Sarah as dumb and doe-eyed as Scott Pilgrim seems pretty perfect. Sarah, in her (giant anime) eyes has done everything, but when she sees a picture of the White House, she falls in love and wants to be the big cheese. Battling a long list of adversaries including Kate Gosselin and President Obama, this pollitcal parody is pretty humorous.

The art is suppose to be similar to Bryan Lee O’Mailey but it comes off as a tad juvenile. The story at times is forced, but it’s a joke a minute (some hit or miss). Most humor based comics are now web or newspaper only (besides Futurama and Simpsons), for something different or for something aimed to be a collectors issue (if Palin makes it to the White House), its worth checking out.

2.5 out of 5.0



Ultimate Spider-Man # 155

Brian Bendis ties up all lose ends in this comic; didn’t you hear that they are killing Spider-Man? This specific issue is kind of depressing actually. Marvel has promised that USM will be killed and that nothing will be the same for the Ultimate Universe. So in this issue all the side stories and loose ties have full closure. About a year ago Kitty Pryde vanished, she’s back and all is swell. That love triangle between Gwen and MJ has dissolved. MJ and Pete are back together. Tony stark gave Peter a present (new web shooters) and Pete’s got a new job. All is perfect in the world. This all issue felt like a cop out. Marvel could have let this series run, it had a small but loyal fan base, and for the most part all of Bendis’s stories have been entertaining and fun. I bet the kill tale of Webhead will be cool, but didn’t they just do that like 2 years ago and with mixed results.

A few months ago Peter’s secret identity was discovered by J.J. Jameson and nothing has been talked about. This issues strongest scene has that meeting between Pete and J.J.  You can actually feel the tension when J.J. asks why he called Peter to talk (a big elephant in the room). The scene has J.J. wanting to help Peter. J.J. states that he must be a part of this; that he has to do something. He gives Pete his old job back with a pay increase, a flex schedule (so if he’s late, no penalty), and tells him he’s putting money in an account for college. Which J.J. is unsure why Pete wants to even attend college. Bendis pretty much shows that Spidey doesn’t define Peter, that Peter and Spidey are two parts of one person. Peter needs to finish school for Peter. It’s a strong scene, i just wished with this new world of acceptance that Bendis has given Ultimate Spidey that there was time to play in it.

3.0 out of 5.0




Venom #1

Is it 1990 again? Venom the 90s bad guy has become a joke of a character but with this new revision, this monster is somewhat relevant again. The symbiotes newest host is war hero Flash Thompson. This series is a cross between 007/GI Joe and Todd Mcfarlane’s Spider-Man. You have Flash doing covert missions across the globe, saving people in war zones, while losing himself in the monster known as a Venom. For a 1st issue, this story is very strong. You learn a lot about Flash (who’s always been Spidey’s biggest fan and bully to Peter) abd you see why he’s a Spidey fan and not a Cap fan. Flash as a character has had his ups and downs. Now that he’s living a double life (just like Pete) its interesting to see how his world will change.

The artwork by Terry Moore is amazing: action packed, strong detail, and as for the war zone scenery, Moore takes the reader right into the middle of it. Moore channels his inner Mcfarlane and it really pays off. The villain is (thought dead in Civil War) Jack O Lantern and the battle between him and Venom is really badass. The only problem with this issue is the colorist John Raunch, it’s a tad dark at times and some of the explosion scenes tend to appear murky.

If there is one comic to pick up this week (weird to write this, but) Venom is it. Terry Moore saves this book from becoming another attempt to relive the 1990s. Pick it up, this series shows promise.

3.5 out of 5.0