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CC2K Comics Weekly Pull List For Sept. 23, 2009

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

ImageEach week we build up our comic book pile. Some of us save our favorite titles for last while the others cannot wait to get their fix. Let CC2K pick the top 5 comics you need to read this week.









Image5. Amazing Spider-man #606   
What a cover! In the past few issues, Peter Parker has been a real ladies man. It seems every issue has some gorgeous woman fawning over old webhead, but no comic book love tryst has ever grabbed the readers like the 80’s Black Cat/Spider-man years. Black Cat and Spidey were a weird mix and their break up went beyond bizarre. Black Cat broke it off once she found out that Spider-man was nerdy Peter Parker, for she was in love with the mask and not the man. Now that Brand New Day set up the status quo of nobody remembering who Spider-man really is, Black Cat is tangled in Spidey’s heart web once again.










Image4. Detective Comics # 857
Batwoman’s arch villainess Alice has kidnapped her father, she is also attempting to unleash a toxic death cloud over all of Gotham. Will Batwoman save everyone or will Alice have a final surprise?  Greg Rucka writes one hell of a comic, plenty of great twists and a very “wha…” surprise ending. I also love how Rucka takes a theme from previous batman villains such as the Mad Hatter, the Walrus, Tweetle Dee and Dum and creates an Alice in Wonderland themed villain using the tale’s hero. JH Williams artwork is arguably the greatest seen in modern comics within these past years. Pick up one Batwoman Detective Comics comic and you’ll see why any Williams book should be hanging in the Museam of Modern Art.










Image3. Spider-Woman #1
The Eisner award winning team of Bendis and Maleev reunite for thir first ongoing series since Daredevil, the catch is that’s it a web motion comic. Marvel decided to release the web comic as a real issue this week and give it a bonus of new artwork and story that wasn’t part of the web exclusive. Jessica Drew has just reentered a society she has been kidnapped from. It’s well written, well drawn, and I’d read anything by the team that made Daredevil cool again.













Image2. Giant Size: Old Man Logan #1
It’s Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s finale of their Old Man Logan run. It’s Wolverine versus the Hulk Gang. I don’t have to sell this comic to anyone, if you’ve been following this elseworlds title you already know this is a must have for the week.













Image1. Superman: Secret Origin #1
Superman’s origin has been told countless times, but never with the detail of Superman’s powers, personality, and growth. Similar to how the CW’s show “Smallville” has tales about Clark’s formative years (minus the cape and straying away from DC’s current Universe), Superman: Secret Origin is the definitive origin of the 21st century’s Superman. Geoff Johns retold the Green Lantern’s current origin this past year and after his acclaimed run on Action Comics with superstar artist Gary Frank, DC reunited the two to present a 6 issue run with the man of steel. This comic is beautifully drawn and told with a sense of humor that makes Superman’s origin seem fresh.