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CC2K Comics Weekly Pull List For September 15th, 2011

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Each week we build up our comic book pile. Some of us save our favorite titles for last while others cannot wait to get their fix. Now that gas prices are at an all time high, our comic collections suffer. Let CC2K save you a few dollars, here is September 15th, 2011’s “under $20 dollars week in review.”






Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Bendis promised Miles Morales would have a similar origin to Peter Parker and Bendis delivered. The book begins with Norman Osborne trying to recreate the Spider-Man radioactive Spider. Bendis recites the tale of Arachne towards his new lab partner (the myth of Arachne was the main story plot of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark) believing there might be some fact to this myth. They invent various radioactive Spiders. A few years go by, the research lab is now deserted, Ultimate Prowler creeps in and steals some Osborne Lab stuff, a radioactive spider sneaks into his burglar bag. Young Miles Morales’s uncle is the Prowler, Miles visits his uncle gets bit by the bug, and there you have it. However, instead of climbing walls the comic ends with Miles discovering his new power: camouflage.

Sara Pichelli’s art is very similiar to Mark Bagley and that is why it’s perfect for Ultimate Spidey. The scenes pop, the characters emotions mimic Bagley’s drawings; the comic feels familiar right at the start of page one.  I knew what i was expecting and this was it and that can be all thanks to the Pichelli’s artwork. Bendis didn’t disappoint and also brought up the charter schooling lottery in NYC which was interesting to read in a comic. Was I amazed, no, I did however enjoy the book enough to want to pick up a second issue. Every website, newspaper, talkshow has been talking about Miles Morales, I say: “Welcome to the club, hope you don’t die in a few years.”

3.0 out of 5.0



Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #1

Oh Joss Whedon, you’ve been on a role with mixing action and humor. This issue welcomes back Buffy with a few scale book filled with humor. Last season, Buffy became a god, destroyed the hell seed, and vanquished magic. So everything is hunky dory? Not quite. This isssue brings us back to the buffyverse we learn that Xander and Dawn have moved in with each other, Willow can have a life without being a witch, and Buffy found an apartment (with roommates) and is trying to live a normal, yet adventurous life. Whedon’s script is filled with gags especially with a drunk Buffy trying to figure out what happened the night before type of moments. Georges Jeanty art has been the staple of Buffy comics, i’m familiar with it, I love the way he draws the scooby gang and his monsters (reminds me of Hellboy), and his art flows like a T.V. episode. Though I did enjoy the book, the plot takes us nowhere. There is a hint of a villain but without ruining the final page we learn that said villain is not what he seems. Joss knows how to write people, likable people, he knows action but decides this is the issue we “just have fun with” and welcome people back. It’s worth a pick up, especially is you love Buffy, if you aren’t a fan or are new to the bandwagon the you should sit this one out.

3.0 out of 5.0






Suicide Squad #1

Secret Six this isn’t. Adam Glass brings back the Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad; a rag tag team of villains working under the radar for the government. After reading this issue, i can honestly say issue #2 will be wild, this issue well it’s more like an introduction to the characters. Since DC revamped all their characters some have new origins or new character traits. This book tells us that Deadshot doesn’t have a mustache any more, Harley Quinn still loves the Joker but needs to proof it to him, oh and her outfit (well lack there of) is not her traditional, King Shark is still King Shark (laughable character), we welcome “El Diablo” a gang banger who controls fire but turned himself in once he accidentally killed a few kids, and Black Spider who’s origin we have yet to discover. Federico Dallocchio’s artwork was intricate. Since he was going from origin to origin, a lot of different scenes and shots were needed, the book flowed real well and it never felt jumbled together (like some team books do). Adam Glass’s script was a tad boring but necessary especially with introducing the new readers toward these characters. All in all the book has spunk and issue #2 has Task Force X taking out 60,000 people at a football stadium, oh what the government doesn’t tell us.

3.0 out of 5.0






Amazing Spider-Man #669

I honestly am about to petition Marvel to keep Dan Slott on this book for at least another 5 years. A spidey story hasn’t been this much fun to read in a very long time. This new epic: Spider-Island, is character driven, cameo’d galore, and takes our hero into uncharted areas. Webhead now knows Kung-fu. This book starts with Peter (unmasked) and his girlfriend Carley (spider-powered) taking out White Rabbit, Chance, and Scorcher (all D-level villains but hey it sounds like a fun date to me). Carley is starting to put the pieces together that Pete and Spidey are one, but she can’t prove it. Peter wants to tell her but there is a part of him that’s struggling (trust issues?). Mean while Reed Richards is trying to find a cure to this Spider Virus (that’s making everyone into a Spider-man) but only finds out that the virus is now airborne and is mutated, oh and isn’t spider base but bed bug base (very well played Mr. Scott, gross and totally fun). This issue has cameo’s from madam web, anti-venom, the shocker. This book keeps getting more amazing. We find out that everyone who has this virus is slowly mutating, Shocker has six arms, Carley’s face is becoming bug like, etc. What can our favorite neighborhood hero do? Humberto Ramos what can I say, this man was born to draw Spidey.  His artwork is both slapstick yet action pack, is vibrant and playful. Ramos has one of the most recognizable styles in the biz.  This is without a doubt the best book out there this week, PICK IT UP! Honestly Marvel keep Dan Slott on this book and don’t ask him to write any others (not trying to take away jobs from you Dan) because look what happened to Bendis, he got too popular, wrote too many books, and now his writing is suffering. Slott you are the best writer for Spidey and we can’t thank you enough for this new classic!

5.0 out of 5.0