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CC2K’s Comic of the Week: SOPA edition

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor


██████ there are █████ comics █████ ████ █████, the █████ are █████. Don’t ████ ████ our ██████ and ██████ the ████████ ███████ of a few bad ██████. ████’s ████? Am I █████ to ████ a ███████ to ████████ a ████ bar or any █████ ████ I █████ ███████████ use to █████









The Invincible Iron Man # 510

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Salvador Lorroca

Just to catch you up: Tony Stark gave up his year of being sober and preceded to get drunk in order to grab Odin’s attention. Tony worked out a deal with Odin and was permitted to work with his dwarves in Odin’s workshop. Odin’s technology was  then used to make a Destroyer suit for Iron Man, Thor died, and the heroes won the battle verses the Serpent. Are you with me? 

Fraction goes back to what works. One on one time with Tony Stark. He also gives Tony a new sidekick: a dwarf named Splitlip. Now that Tony again has a drinking problem. Together this rag tag duo hits up the A.A. and reading this it almost sounds very Austin Powers-ish. Tony and his Mini-me. However, Fraction makes this work and without sounding like dribble. Splitlilp serves as a reminder to Tony of what he could become: a smaller mean version of himself. Though that might come across as a bit drab, Splitlip is an interesting character and though he curses heavily, he’s an intellectual builder and that  and his bad habbits compliments everything Fraction has going for this book. One man’s journey at bettering himself, his company, and the world. Now it’s One man’s journey, a fiery red head, a War Machine and a Dwarf



This is my version of a comic book review WHAT IF…

Yesterday saw us as an online community bound together in one goal: to stop the SOPA and PIPA bills from being voted on. Many websites, including CC2K went black and our voices rang out like sirens. We were heard! Unfortunately, the bill has been just delayed. The House has agreed to revisit the issue next month. The good news is President Obama spoke out and (at the moment) sounds to be very anti-SOPA. Maybe the House will wake up and not pass this bill. Worst Case Scenario: If this bill does pass though, the White House can still veto this and any bill that’s so narrowly focused. 

Be proud to be an American and know that we aren’t fighting to save piracy, we are fighting to keep our words, ideas, and values free. But this fight is far from over! Please click this link and keep emailing, writing, and/or calling our elected officials, telling them how unjust this bill really is: