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CC2K’s Top Five Comics for the Month of March 2015

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Back in the day, a certain comic book magazine used to publish their top ten books of the month. I loved that article. Looking back, it’s actually the part I was most excited to read, since I probably owned every comic they said was “hot.” Now as a comic seller, I decided to give it a whirl. Here is CC2K’s Top Five Comics for the month of March 2015.



Number 5 : Ultimate Fallout #4

The first appearance of Miles Morales is starting to sell a bit more on eBay. Now that Sony and Marvel have worked out a deal bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel movie universe, don’t be surprised if it’s not Peter Parker.


Number 4: Civil War #1

Captain America: Civil War is the highly anticipated movie that pins Iron Man vs. Captain America.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that once this movie was announced every collector rushed into their local comic store, straight into the dollar bins and picked up this issue. Sell it now at a high price while you can.

Number 3: Amazing Spider-Man  #4 (volume 3) Variant cover

The first official appearance of Cindy Moon aka Silk. She too was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker. A few months ago you could pick up this issue at max $15 now with the popularity of the character; this comic is starting to rise. She’s everything Peter isn’t and it’s about time Marvel delivers us these amazing new female Superheroes.


Number 2: Suicide Squad #1 (New 52)

It’s Harley Quinn, she sells. However, with the new Suicide Squad movie being announced this book took off! Expect to spend at least $50 or more. Funny that most of these hot books are getting bigger because of the movies.


Number 1: Edge of Spider-verse #2

It’s the first official appearance of Spider-Gwen, who is a what if version of Spider-Man. If Peter Parker didn’t get bit by the radioactive spider but his girl friend Gwen Stacy did. Besides a killer costume, this book has a fun story. Gwen is a drummer for the band The Mary Janes, a costumed vigilante, and a futitive (when she’s Spider-Woman) for the killing of Peter Parker (she didn’t do that of course).  A Near mint copy is selling on eBay for over $50 and if you had bought the Greg Horn variant (it was offered at $25) well that goes for over $300.  This comic could fizzle eventually but not for a while, especially with talks about Sony doing a female Spider-Man universe movie.


Bonus: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 (IDW)

They killed a turtle. This wasn’t announced, it came out of left field, and there wasn’t a big run of this comic. It sold out on it’s first day, good luck getting an issue it’s already going for $40 on eBay and again it only came out a few days ago.