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The new wave of podcasting has exploded over the last few years with thousands of shows to choose from with a ton of quality content out there for every interest imaginable. If you’re new to the podcast world and you don’t know where to start, CC2K has got you covered as our staff writers tell you about the podcasts you should be listening to. You can thank us later when your commute to work becomes a little more bearable.

Book Vs Movie

Which was better? The movie or the book? This age-old debate has been a topic of discussion for decades. Hosts Margo P. and Margo D. dissect the source material and the film adaptation from Hollywood’s greatest films, such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jurassic Park and The Social Network. The Margos discuss some of the major differences between the book and the movie, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the ladies decide which is better, the source material or its big screen adaptation. The unique concept leads to some very interesting conversations on some of the most beloved books and movies.

-Cesar Perez

TED Radio Hour

The TED Radio Hour podcast is a condensed version of all those remarkable TED stage talks, mixing actual stage audio with in-house interviews with those individuals. Scholars and motivational speakers take the space to dissect an abundance of topics, from every part of human emotion, business, and ethics. Don’t sleep on this one! These aren’t substitute teacher lectures; these are attention-holding talks that elevate and educate the listener. Guy Raz greets us every week with a topic of discussion that segues into an insightful hour of listening. Hear from a reformed white nationalist about the learned behaviors of hate, a development researcher about mischief emotion in young children, and a sex worker/activist on stigmas. This podcast definitely leaves you enlightened and is quite absorbing.

-Jessica Pena

You Must Remember This

This serial podcast about the golden age of Hollywood is the brainchild of Karina Longworth, who writes, narrates, records and edits each episode. Since launching as a passion project in 2014, You Must Remember This has quickly become one of the most loved and downloaded film podcasts on ITunes. The podcast is a heavily-researched work of creative nonfiction, trying to unpick the myths that surround certain Hollywood topics, whether it be the Manson Murders or the scandals surrounding Hollywood’s dead blondes, like Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly. We think we know the ins and outs of Hollywood, but Karina Longworth delivers something new that has often been overlooked or ignored. Definitely a podcast for cinephiles.

-Bianca Garner

The Cine-Files

Join directing instructor Steve Morris and Collider’s John Rocha as they wax poetic on the greatest films in cinematic history. Steve and John take a film and examine its history, the themes and the filmmaking that went into creating it and how it has stood the test of time. Steve and John’s knowledge of cinema resonates on every episode and coupled with a passion for the films they explore, they deliver episodes that are incredibly insightful and a joy to listen to. Revisit a classic film or get familiar with a classic you might have missed. Either way you get some fresh perspective.

-Cesar Perez


Are you craving a strong and informative feminist podcast to add to your queue? Well, you won’t need to look any further! Unladylike is an excellent podcast hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin that highlights stories of real life women who dare to break the rules. The first episode tackles abortion as we hear stories from three different women recounting their experience with it. The podcast shines a light on the systemic problems women struggle through and how they use their badass brains and motivation to overcome adversity to be the best they can be. The guests talk relationship culture, perseverance, and why nothing stops them. You get everything, from witchy entrepreneurism to what happens when feminism and Mormonism collide. Cristen and Caroline illuminate the pillars of an empowered movement and bring in guests who are the pure examples of a strong female.

-Jessica Pena

Very Bad Wizards

Do you like discussions about pop culture and philosophy? Very Bad Wizards is the podcast for you. Featuring an actual philosopher in the form of Tamler Sommers and psychologist David Pizarro,  this podcast is a chance to hear two intelligent people share their love for ethics, pop culture, and cognitive science. Each episode includes discussions on moral philosophy, recent work on moral psychology and neuroscience, and the overlap between the two. Pizarro and Sommers manage to be both entertaining and educational, discussing a range of different topics, whether it be memory and the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or a very serious discussion about depression and suicide. Funny, witty and very thought provoking.

-Bianca Garner

Fatman on Batman

Embrace your inner nerd and geek out with Kevin Smith and former film editor for the Los Angeles Times and current Castle Rock writer Marc Benardin. Together, these two cover every corner of the nerd universe as they discuss the latest news in the world of movies, television, comic books and more. Originally centering exclusively on Batman, Smith interviewed the likes of Kevin Conroy, Jeph Loeb, Paul Dini and many other contributors to The Dark Knight’s historic legacy. Fatman on Batman has now evolved into one of the most entertaining podcasts out there highlighted by the genuinely hilarious banter between Smith and Bernardin.

-Cesar Perez

Ethnically Ambiguous

Anna Hossnieh and Shereen Lani Younes host Ethnically Ambiguous, a podcast bringing you into their lives as Middle Easterners in modern day America. Hear them dish on the ridiculous stereotypes that plague brown folks and how their own experiences play out day-to-day. As Middle East politics develop, Anna and Shereen take a hard, raw look at its complexities, offering honest voices to the general conversation. They tell it like it is, educated and providing a real perspective. The two ladies are so relatable and enjoy each other’s company so much so that we never want to stop listening! Get informed about Middle East culture and the gravity of its international impact from personalities that matter. Ethnically Ambiguous is vital listening.

-Jessica Pena

Skip to the End

Don’t skip to the end of this podcast because you’re going to want to listen to every last second. This is a hilarious movie podcast hosted by three funny and witty people: Mark, Ben & Gemma. It’s like listening to your mates down at the pub as they discuss a range of different films, whether it be films starring ‘’daddy’’ Kurt Russell, or their top three picks of ‘political thrillers’ ‘plot twists’ or ‘parodies’. Each episode the gang reviews a new film release, and look back at classic film, so there’s something here for everyone. I have genuinely experienced laughing fits whilst listening to the podcast. Warning, this podcast is full of language you mother would frown at, but hey if you don’t tell on us listening, we won’t tell on you!

-Bianca Garner

The Top 10

Who doesn’t love a good list? I know I do. Ever wonder who the best dads ARE in movie history? The best third movies in a franchise? The best sword and sandal movies? Matt Knost and John Rocha got your back. On The Top 10 show Matt and John get into a variety of compelling discussions that are often humorous and even a little contentious at times. After being dropped from Collider’s YouTube channel, the show found new life on the Schmoes Know podcast network. We should all thank the Cinema Gods we didn’t lose this gem.

-Cesar Perez

Girlboss Radio

Nasty Gal founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso hosts the amazing and empowering Girlboss Radio, an hour devoted to highlighting self-made women of varied industries who are A+ role models. From Charlize Theron to motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez to WWE wrestlers/entrepreneurs Nikki and Brie Bella, Sophia’s podcast is delightfully perceptive. The ins and outs of what it means to be an independent businesswoman and all around badass is part of what makes the show so amazing. Sophia asks the questions we want to ask these strong women and it makes the hour worthwhile!

-Jessica Pena

Affirmative Murder

Affirmative Murder or ‘’The Equal opportunities true crime podcast’’ as hosts Alvin and Fran call it, is a weekly podcast that brings equality to true crime in its own weird and unique way. The amateur true crime enthusiasts tell each other murder stories involving minorities, while also bringing us some ‘’good vibe’’ stories and amusing social commentary. True Crime podcasts can be sombre, and depressing but these two naturally funny and energetic hosts manage to bring something fresh and original to the world. Some of the accounts they discuss are the stuff of nightmares, but it is worth listening to despite its subject matter, and many of the cases have been overlooked by the media because of the people involved. Definitely a podcast I recommend you listen to (although best to listen to with the lights on, and the front door locked).

-Bianca Garner

Insession Film

Of course I had to mention Insession Film after appearing as a guest (and there are more film podcasts I wanted to mention, like Filmotomy which I host, Ready Steady Cut and Beyond Bechdel). Join JD Duran and Brendan Cassidy as they discuss and analyze everything movies and film. Each week they bring you a film review of a recent release and a discussion centered around a range of topics. It’s clear JD and Brendan have a passion and knowledge for film; their love for film is what makes their podcast so interesting to listen to and I learn things I didn’t know about, or discover films I wasn’t even aware existed. Their discussions are highly informative and educational without being a bore. This is a great podcast to listen to if you’re a devoted film fan or just an average cinema goer because there really is something here for everyone.

-Bianca Garner