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Civil War Rust :: The Fun & The Lonely

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Civil-War-Rust---The-Fun--The Fun & The Lonely is the first full length release from East Bay’s Civil War Rust, and let me tell you, it is f’ing awesome. I get a lot of very solid records to review, but few capture me like The Fun & The Lonely did. This record totally reminded me of what it was like to be 15 years old again and discovering a new favorite band that I wanted to tell all my friends about. Well, these days, my audience of friends has expanded and I am telling all of you, The Fun & The Lonely is one of the best punk rock albums I have heard in years.

I know I usually go track by track in my reviews, but with this album it doesn’t seem appropriate. From start to finish it is nonstop punk rock and energy. The songs are constructed to invigorate the listener, to incite them to turn their stereos up until their speakers pop and to make any pit sing along and thrash to the beat. Each track feels very full, each instrument and vocals add layers of sound and intensity to these songs until they are ready to burst. The common thread throughout The Fun & The Lonely is catchy music under great gritty vocals, but the arrangement, cadence, and inflections vary from song to song so it never gets stale.

Though I said that I would not go track by track, I will say that the last song, Diving is the best on the album. The raw vocals cut through, the music pounds like a heartbeat, and you feel a bit spent at the end of the track. 

So, I hope that you trust me enough by now to take my word for how kick ass this album is, but if you don’t, head over to Death to False Hope Records and download their second EP, The Good Book (which contains two songs that made their way onto The Fun & The Lonely) and get blown away yourself. 

The Fun & The Lonely is out now on All For Hope Records and you can buy it on iTunes.

They are currently playing some dates in California and Arizona, check out their Tumblr for more info. I and the rest of the east coast will wait patiently to hear about anymore dates. 

And lastly, check out their new music video for Seven Down.