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Colombian Game Show Awards Murderess

Written by: Rob Van Winkle, CC2K Staff Writer

Source: NPR / SignonSandiego



“Did you fuck my wife? You did? Then YOU’RE A WINNER!!!”

In a story that almost seems too good to be true, a Colombian game show was canceled this week when a contestant won a cash prize for admitting to having her husband killed.

The show, titled Nothing But the Truth, apparently had contestants strapped to a polygraph lie detector, where they would be asked progressively more and more private questions with their friends and family in the audience. The longer they managed to be truthful with their responses, the more money they could earn, with the top prize being about $50,000. 

What could possibly go wrong?


The show was a smash hit, and Colombian audiences reveled in watching people admit in front of their loved ones to such indiscretions as drug smuggling and homosexual prostitution. However, on a recent episode, a woman admitted to HAVING A HIT TAKEN OUT ON HER HUSBAND! For this, she was rewarded $25,000. The show was immediately canceled.

You might be saying to yourself right now…well thank God that saner minds prevailed here. How could a religious country condone – and even praise – a show that extols horrible acts, lying, and illegality? You'd be right to wonder this, of course. Thankfully, that show is now gone from Colombian airwaves, and has been sent to its only logical destination…

The Fox Network.