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Comic Characters in the Social Scene

Written by: Sarah Speelman, Special to CC2K

So you’re a comic book fan. So am I. While plenty of us are well adjusted and live perfectly healthy social lives, sometimes we find ourselves buried nose deep in comics late at night when we could be out having drinks and conversation. Long story short, we don’t always  know the ins and outs of the many, many kinds of bars and clubs available for our entertainment.

Walking into a random bar can be a complete disaster. If you haven’t spent enough time bar hopping to know what your preferences are, you’ve got a lot of searching ahead of you. Just because I’m so nice and awesome, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a little list of bars / social scenes you may fit into depending on which comic book characters you identify with (please keep in mind that I’m a writer, not a psychiatrist. This list is just for fun).



If you’re a comic reader who identifies with characters like Marvel’s Dazzler, DC’s Booster Gold, and the always popular Harley Quinn, you might want to try a night out at a karaoke bar. These characters are brash, bold and always love a little (or a lot) of attention. Quite the opposite of some of their more stoic counterparts, Dazzler, Booster and Harley have no qualms making lots of noise and never deny the crowd an encore.

Maybe you were part of a choir at some point in your schooling career. Maybe you just love music. If you find yourself singing along to your iPod playlist while speeding through town to the grocery store, singing some karaoke is right up your alley.  It’s also a great place to be if you are a fun-loving glory-hound like so many super-powered individuals we all love.

The best part about a karaoke bar is this; it doesn’t matter if you can actually sing. Most people can’t, it’s just for fun. No one is there to judge your singing ability, they’re there to hear loud noises and bad music. Someone always, always decides it’s a good idea to sing “Dancing Queen”, so feel free to belt knowing that your song choice at least is better than others you will hear in the course of the night.











Are you a fan of Superman, The Thing, Guy Gardner and/or Taskmaster?  Try stopping by a Sports Bar and Grill some night. Sports bars are generally understated, dimly lit and serve the best food (yummy, deep fried goodness). Muttering phrases like, “It’s clobberin’ time,” while watching the big game on one of the high def. T.V. screens would be perfectly acceptable in this atmosphere.

While Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent might not be a regular at a local sports bar, I decided to add Supes into the mix because of his popularity in the sports arena. Big, muscular athletes love Superman. I’ve seen more of the iconic ‘S’ tee shirts in weight rooms than on the floor at Comic Con.  If you went up to a sports bar regular and started a Superman conversation, I’m pretty sure they would think you were super cool.

Sports bars are also a great gathering place. If you have a group of friends who are looking for a place to get a bite and throw back some cold ones, your local sports bar would be a great place to do so. Just don’t forget a pocket full of quarters so you can play a couple friendly games of pool.




Can’t get enough Wolverine, Batman, SpiderMan, Rogue, Black Cat and The Question? A dive bar is the place to be any night of the week. If you prefer to maintain a certain level of anonymity, or you’re just looking for your next mark you’ll find these seedy, dark establishments a welcome habitat.

Dive bars are also a great place to be if you’re low on cash like Peter Parker. You can get drunk for cheap because more oft than not, the bar tenders make the drinks extra strong. (Would you like some coke with that rum?)

The pings of the video poker machines create enough background noise that sensitive conversations can be held without the worry of eavesdropping (hopefully Jean Grey hasn’t decided to drop by). You also have no need to worry about looking suspicious because, well, everyone in the bar looks suspicious. Practice up on your “Whadda you lookin’ at, Bub?!” and your tortured, brooding facial expressions and you’ll fit right in.



Are you one of the types who’s all about class and sophistication? Perhaps you identify with characters like Professor X, Sinestro, The Riddler and Tony Stark. Piano bars are great if you want some terrific music and drinks in fancy glasses. Also, it’s the best place to rub elbows with important people and schmooze with some big wigs.

People with charisma and brilliant ideas brimming out their ears are the types of people who enjoy the well-lit offerings of piano bars. These establishments harken back to a time when men were men and women dressed to the hilt. Be prepared to feel as though you’ve stepped into a 40s black and white picture when you enter.

This is not a bar you show up to in jeans and a tee shirt. Dress code is mandatory, so if you feel like your normal night out attire leaves you overdressed in a sea of slovenly, half-lucent humans desperately sucking on high balls before their next work shift begins, you’re in luck. There’s hope yet for a night of fascinating conversation and well-dressed people chatting it up over some delicious (if expensive) cocktails.  If you pay the pianist enough, he may even let you sing “Jack the Knife.” Only if you ask nicely, though.




Characters like Gambit, Hal Jordan, Thor and Johnny Storm would probably feel right at home in an Irish pub. Good beer, and a friendly atmosphere make this a perfect place for people who like to chat with strangers, play drinking games and spend a rowdy evening out of the house.

Those who are adaptable and always looking for the next adventure are best suited for a pub environment. On some nights of the week, they may have live music. Mayhap some Jokeresque character will pop in and cause some trouble, or you may be pleasantly surprised by a lovely Siryn to pass the time with.

While I heartily discourage getting into a drinking competition with an Asgardian or playing cards with a mutant; after a few delicious stouts you probably won’t really care about the money and dignity you’ll lose. If you’re a jovial person at heart and like to make new friends over a cold pint, a pub is the place for you.




“Dance Club”

Kitty Pryde, Spider Woman, Beast Boy and Stephanie Brown have been known to shake their groove things on occasion. Have you got the rhythm? Put on your dancing shoes and head to the nearest club. This is a place for people who don’t mind crowds and thrive on attention. It may take a half hour to get a drink, but at least you can dance while you wait, or bring along that friend who doesn’t dance to stand at the bar for you all night.

Conversation is scarce and, let’s face it, nearly impossible with all that pounding bass. Who needs to talk when you can shake and shimmy? A friendly dance can be just as personal as a deep conversation. Non-verbal communication has the plus of not containing those long, awkward pauses. Besides, if you’re not the brains of the operation nobody cares. If you can dance, you’ve got all you need.


Of all the gin joints in all the World, there’s always one that strikes a chord with every single one of us. I’m just hoping that this article may provide you with a new destination tonight as the streetlights come on and the city comes to life. There’s just too much fun out there to miss out on all of it. So set down the Trade Copy and get out there.


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