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Comic-Con: ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Panel

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageDon’t worry — the theme song’s the same.

Show writer Alex Kurtzman said that the team behind CBS’ upcoming reboot reassembled the original musicians and recreated the iconic theme song for the new series, which stars Shield alum Alex O’Loughlin and Ocean’s Eleven co-star Scott Caan as the two lead cops.

“It’s one of the most — if not the most — iconic television theme song ever,” Kurtzman said.

Bolstered by a huge turnout of fans, as well as an ongoing street-team of sexy hula girls, the Comic-Con panel for CBS’ upcoming remake was packed, along with fans waiting for the Walking Dead panel, which came right after.

The panelists showed four clips, including a trailer that suggests a brawnier take on the old show, with Hummers, choppers (that must be got to), explosions and your standard-issue, easily digested CBS procedural shenanigans.

But producer Peter M. Lenkov said that the show will cater to newcomers and faithful alike.

Park suggested that because times have changed, people are more likely to cross-cast by gender. She suggested they might cast men as women in the future.

Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross moderated the panel, which included showrunner Roberto Orci, Len Weiseman, Alex Kurtzman, Lost alum Daniel Dae Kim, BSG alum Grace Park and others.

Roberto Orci said it was nice to get away from science-fiction gimmicks and do something more grounded.

“It’s nice not to have to hide behind a talking robot.”

When asked about the Lost finale, Dae Kim said he was pleased. He described Sun and Jin as inevitably tragic figures who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Park and Kim happened to spoil the finales for their respective sci-fi classic shows — Dae Kim for BSG and Park for Lost. Park revealed that her character, Boomer, died. Later, Dae Kim revealed that his character died.

“Touche,” Dae Kim joked. Dae Kim said that making the transition from playing Lost’s Jin was tough, though he was happy to make the change — especially when it came to his new home’s great music.

“Hey, I’m really happy to be on a show with a theme song!” Kim said.

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