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Comic-Con: Marvel’s Super Hero Squad

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageStan Lee himself appeared to oversee the panel that showcased the look and the voice talent for Marvel’s upcoming cartoon series Super Hero Squad.

It’s a kid’s show that stars some of the best voice talent working today, including Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Steve Blum, Grey deLisle. Lee will provide the voice for the mayor of Super Hero City (I think it was called).

The cast put on a brief skit about the heroes trying to finagle their way into Comic-Con. The kids in the audience loved it, and I’m all in favor of Marvel expanding its presence, though I’m not a fan of the kiddie-manga style of the series.

The show has lined up a huge slate of guest stars, including Greg Grunberg as Ant-Man; Lena Headey as Black Widow and Mystique; George Takei as Galactus (awesome); Michelle Trachtenberg as Valkyrie; and Jennifer Morrison as something or other.